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大连的美食图标 Dalian Gourmet
  • 美食1

    Fish Noodle-An Outstanding Representative Cuisine of Dalian

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  • 美食2

    Cherry Meat-Dalian Cuisine with a Sense of Ceremony

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  • 美食3

    Clam Kidney Bean Noodle-Dalian's Most Characteristic Seafood Noodle

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  • 美食4

    Xishi Shrimp Sauce Tofu-The Beautiful Collision between Fragrance and Salty Fragrance

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  • 美食5

    Suyang Roast-A Different Food "Tested" in Dalian Old Cuisine

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  • 美食6

    Two Ways to Eat One Fish

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  • 美食7

    Fried Menzi-Dalian Specialty with a Long History

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  • 美食8

    Six Kinds of Vinegar-Classic Dalian Old Dishes with Multiple Tastes

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