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Historical evolution

The third generation of Shang Dynasty moved to Shangqiu, Henan Province from Liaodong, and opened up the route from Penglai to Dalian. By the time of Dixin, the society in Dalian had been transformed into a square country. Taking Shuangtuozi Site as an example, this area had been deeply influenced by Yueshi culture in Shandong Province. At the end of Shang Dynasty, there were a large number of stone sheds and burial utensils in Liaodong Peninsula, which reflected that the local ancients made a living by fishing and picking shellfish, and gradually turned into farming and animal husbandry.

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Geographical location

Dalian is located on the east coast of Eurasia and the southernmost tip of Liaodong Peninsula in Northeast China, between 120 degrees 58 minutes east longitude and 123 degrees 31 minutes north latitude, 38 degrees 43 minutes north latitude and 40 degrees 10 minutes north latitude, bordering the Yellow Sea in the east, Bohai Sea in the west, Shandong Peninsula across the sea in the south and the vast northeast plain in the north. It is the sea gateway of Northeast China, North China, East China and all over the world, and is an important port...

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Administrative Division

Zhongshan District is located in the east of Dalian, with 121.63 east longitude and 38.92 north latitude, bordering the Yellow Sea in the east, south and north, and Xigang District in the west. Historical records began in the Eastern Han Dynasty, which was called "Sanshan", "Sanshanpu" in the early Tang Dynasty and "Qingniwa" in the Ming...

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Natural resources

According to the third land survey, Dalian has 379,852.49 hectares of cultivated land (5,697,800 mu), 134,278.77 hectares of garden land (2,014,200 mu), 409,310,01 hectares of forest land (6,139,700 mu), 52,266.62 hectares of grassland (784,000 mu), 47,193.78 hectares of wetlands (707,900 mu), 185,582.9 hectares (2,783,700 mu) of urban villages and industrial and mining land...

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Population employment

At the end of 2021, the registered population of the city was 6.036 million, an increase of 20,000 over the end of the previous year. The annual birth population is 33,000, and the birth rate is 5.43 ‰; The death population is 49,000, and the mortality rate is 8.06 ‰; The natural growth rate is-2. 63 ‰...

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Climate and environment

Dalian is located at the southernmost tip of Liaodong Peninsula, surrounded by the sea on three sides. The ocean has a significant role in regulating climate. It belongs to the warm temperate continental monsoon climate with marine characteristics and is the warmest place in Northeast China. The climate is mild, there is no hot summer, no severe cold in winter, the cold period is late, the sunshine is abundant, the air is not dry, and it has obvious climatic advantages...

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Dalian Honor

In the early morning of Dalian in early autumn, people rushing to work are in a hurry. At bus stops, it is a city landscape that stops and queues orderly; In front of the zebra crossing without signal lights, when pedestrians cross the road, drivers will consciously show courtesy; The international hiking conference attended by 300,000 people did not leave a piece of paper scraps along the way...

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