Dalian will hold a series of activities to celebrate the sixth "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival"
2023-09-15 13:32

September 23rd, 2023 is the sixth "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival" in China. This year, our city will adhere to the tenet of "Celebrating Harvest, Promoting Culture and Revitalizing the Countryside", with the theme of "Celebrating Harvest and Promoting Beauty", organize colorful mass activities to celebrate harvest, carry forward Chinese excellent farming culture, highlight farmers' style in the new era and show fruitful harvest.


It is understood that this year, Dalian will be one of the main venues of Liaoning Farmers Harvest Festival, and hold a series of celebrations in the form of "1 + N", namely, one city-level main venue and N county-level sub-venues. The main venue of this year's Harvest Festival is located in Hechuan Village, Qingdui Town, Zhuanghe City. On the morning of September 20th, the celebration of the 2023 Farmers Harvest Festival in Dalian will be held. At the meeting, the selection results of Dalian Grain King and Zhuanghe Top Ten Advantage Agricultural Products will be released, and mass harvest celebration activities will be organized to show the joy of harvest through songs and dances, sketches and other popular ways. Among them, the cashmere goat "catwalk" and the big bone chicken "beauty pageant" will meet you in a unique way. Around the venue, an exhibition area of "Hemei Village" and "Good Goods in Hometown" will be set up to display the city's special agricultural products, seafood, special foods, and non-legacy products such as animal signs, paper-cuts and tanghua. The sub-venue activities will be held from September 20th to October 10th, and the city will focus on organizing a series of activities such as Dalian Green High-quality Agricultural Products Photography Competition, Zhuanghe Rural Slow Life Experience Festival, Wafangdian Farmers Harvest Festival Tug-of-War Competition, Lushun Flower Show and Butterfly Garden Party, Buyunshan Village Minority Characteristic Fitness Conference, etc.