Dalian carried out a series of "Quality Month" activities in construction field
2023-09-15 13:31

September this year is the 46th "Quality Month" in China, in order to further enhance the quality awareness of the construction industry, improve the quality management level of the industry and promote the quality of architectural engineering in the whole city to a new level. On September 13th, architectural engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Station of Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau launched a series of activities of "Quality Month" in the construction field in 2023.


This "Quality Month" activity focuses on the improvement of engineering quality in an all-round way. Through a series of activities such as quality theme publicity, business training, exchange of quality management experience and special quality inspection, a good atmosphere of "the government attaches importance to quality, enterprises pursue quality, society advocates quality and everyone cares about quality" is created in the construction field, and the initial mission of "striving to make people live in better houses" is fulfilled with practical achievements.


During the event, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau invited Si Bingjun, a professor at Dalian University of Technology, to give a special lecture on the construction quality of steel structure projects. Combined with typical engineering cases for many years, the construction quality management of steel structure projects was explained in a simple way; Bai Yu, chief engineer of Northeast Company of China Construction Eighth Bureau, made a special report on the exchange of engineering quality management experience, sharing the advanced management experience and technical measures such as quality management system, standardization system, digital construction and information supervision summarized by the enterprise for many years, and systematically telling the planning and implementation experience of high-quality projects.


The Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau will continue to rely on the "Quality Month" series of activities, simultaneously carry out special quality inspections of projects under construction in the whole city, maintain the high-pressure situation of project quality supervision, and severely crack down on all kinds of illegal activities. At the same time, we should further innovate the supervision mechanism, explore the information supervision mode, take various forms to consolidate the quality foundation, improve the service efficiency, and help the high-quality economic and social development of our city with practical actions.