Dalian Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference was successfully held in Seoul
2023-09-15 13:30

Recently, the Dalian delegation successfully held the Dalian Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference in Seoul, South Korea by attending the 14th China-Japan-Korea Cultural Ministers' Meeting and receiving the honor of the plaque of "East Asian Cultural Capital" in 2024. Leaders and members of Dalian delegation, relevant leaders of China Tourism Office in Seoul, Seoul Marketing Center of China Southern Airlines, and representatives of Korean travel agents attended the promotion meeting.


In his speech, Zhang Ruoyu, director of China Tourism Office in Seoul, spoke highly of Dalian's face-to-face promotion and exchange with Korean travelers in Seoul. "China and South Korea are inseparable neighbors and inseparable partners. Cultural and tourism exchanges are an important field of exchanges and cooperation between China and South Korea, and also an important way for the two peoples to understand each other and enhance friendship. South Korea has always been an important source of tourists in Dalian. I hope that through this promotion activity, Korean friends can understand the development of Dalian, pay attention to Dalian's tourism, and visit Dalian for sightseeing and leisure. I also hope that the tourism industry of the two places will strengthen cooperation, and the Chinese Tourism Office in Seoul will, as always, support Dalian's tourism development."


Since August 10 this year, China has further resumed the scope of outbound group tours of Chinese citizens, including South Korea. Wang Xun, general manager of China Southern Airlines Seoul Marketing Center, said that this year is the 29th year of China Southern Airlines' operation in South Korea. On December 30, 1994, the Dalian-Seoul route sailed smoothly as the first batch of regular passenger routes. Since the early establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, this route has witnessed the continuous development of economy, trade, cultural tourism and people-to-people friendly exchanges between the two countries, and also accompanied by the development of China Southern Airlines from the first two Korean routes to nearly 150 flights per week in 2019. At the promotion meeting, Wang Xun released the latest news of resuming flights, that is, the direct round-trip flights of China Southern Airlines "Dalian-Seoul" will be resumed to three flights a day on September 27th, and the three different time periods will fully meet the different travel needs of various types of passengers such as business, tourism and visiting relatives.


At the promotion meeting, the person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism introduced the theme, and introduced Dalian's historical evolution, cultural venues, tourism resources, festivals and featured products in detail with the help of exquisite Dalian tourism promotional videos. The introduction words are equipped with Korean PPT at the same time, which is clear at a glance. The speakers are numerous and the listeners are full of interest. More than 30 representatives of Korean travel agents and industry media friends have a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of Dalian.


During the signing-in period before the meeting, tourism products and cultural and creative products such as Dalian tourism brochures, Dalian festival tourism derivatives, Dalian Sophora japonica tea and city landmark refrigerator stickers attracted participants to stop and enjoy and take photos. At the tea break exchange meeting held after the meeting, Mr. Jiang from the Korea Tourism Industry Association expressed the heartfelt wishes of the participants: "We only heard that Dalian is beautiful and exquisite. After listening to the introduction, we are as if we were there. Dalian and Seoul have similar latitudes and a voyage of less than one hour, which is very suitable for promoting tourism exchanges and cooperation between the two cities. There is a great market demand for Korean golf tourism and youth growth tours. It is necessary to carefully plan and organize the implementation of 'Seoul Golf Tour Dalian Tour', 'Korean Primary and Secondary School Students Study Tour Dalian Railway Station', 'Visit National Hero an Zhonggen Tour', 'China-Korea Youth Football Invitational Tournament' and 'East Asian Cultural Capital Dalian-Seoul Intercity Cultural Exchange Tour'."


During the event, China Southern Airlines Seoul Marketing Center, Korea Travel Industry Association and Dalian Wenyuan International Travel Service jointly signed a cooperation agreement on "10,000 tourists from Seoul visit Dalian", and the first batch of 150 Korean tourists will start their trip to Dalian.