Dashang Institute launched 2023 "One Hundred Schools and Ten Thousand Talents" project
2023-09-14 13:12

At present, colleges and universities all over the world are welcoming the opening season one after another, and the talent cultivation work of colleges and universities in the futures market is also being carried out steadily. In order to continue to support the integration of futures and derivatives knowledge into the national education system and promote the formation of a virtuous circle system of production, education and research in futures and derivatives industries with Chinese characteristics, recently, Dashang Institute officially launched the "One Hundred Schools and Ten Thousand Talents" project in 2023.


It is understood that the "One Hundred Schools and Ten Thousand Talents" project of the Big Business Institute refers to a series of activities in which the Big Business Institute cooperates with member units and branches of futures colleges to support full-time colleges and universities that meet the requirements to carry out futures and derivatives teaching, related research, teacher construction and student exchange, aiming at delivering more skilled and practical high-quality talents to the real industry and futures industry by forming a talent training mechanism involving universities, industries and enterprises.


Specifically, the "One Hundred Schools and Ten Thousand Talents" project in 2023 is divided into four parts. First, teaching projects support colleges and universities to set up futures and derivatives professional courses for related majors, and big business institutes will provide differentiated cost support according to course categories. The second is research projects, which support teachers and students of related majors in colleges and universities to form research groups to carry out research project activities focusing on futures and derivatives market-related businesses and focusing on related varieties and businesses of big business institutes. The third is the construction of teachers, which supports the teachers who are the leaders of the teaching team in the "teaching project" to deepen their project activities in the field of futures and derivatives teaching, including the evaluation of "DCE · Chair Professor", the selection of excellent teaching plans and teacher seminars. Fourth, students exchange and support the students participating in the "teaching project" to study and practice in the field of futures and derivatives, including the "young" sail sea-college students' practice competition, the summer camp for futures and derivatives preparatory talents, and the scholarship of "100 schools and 100 talents" of big business institutes.


In 2017, Dashang Institute took the lead in developing the futures talent cultivation project in colleges and universities in the domestic futures market. Since 2019, all the project courses of Dashang Institute have been included in the credit management of cooperative colleges and universities. Over the years, the cooperation mode, curriculum system and management mechanism have been continuously improved and optimized. In March this year, the futures talent training project in colleges and universities was officially named as the "One Hundred Schools and Ten Thousand Talents" project of Dashang Institute.


According to reports, this year's "One Hundred Schools and Ten Thousand Talents" project of the Big Business Institute is characterized by deep integration of production, education and research, and equal emphasis on curriculum and exchange activities. The process of teaching projects and research projects is roughly divided into main links such as project application, project establishment, development and project closing, etc. Relevant subjects can inquire about the specific requirements of each link through the notice of official website of the Big Business Institute.