Dalian Digital Valley and Qi Anxin jointly build digital security industrial base
2023-09-14 13:12

Recently, the Cyber Security Sub-forum of the 2023 Global Industrial Internet Conference was held in Jinpu New District. During the event, it was learned that Qi Anxin Group reached a consensus with Jinpu New District and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dalian Digital Valley to jointly build a digital security industrial base. This project will take Dalian Digital Valley as the original technology source in the field of network security in our city, aiming at cultivating data security talents, improving data security capabilities, innovating data security research, cultivating data security industry and building data security ecology, and boosting the construction of Dalian "National Network Security Education Technology Industry Integration Development Experimental Zone".


The forum was hosted by Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, co-organized by Dalian Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Dalian Jinpu New District Science and Technology and Industrial Information Technology Bureau, and undertaken by Qi Anxin Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Shugu. The event invited many well-known experts to focus on network and data security in the fields of industry and information technology, and promoted breakthroughs in core technologies of data and information security in the field of regional industrial Internet through platform release, experience sharing and case study. Qi Anxin Digital Valley Network Security Operation Platform released at the forum relies on Qi Anxin's advanced network security "zero accident" operation experience of Beijing Winter Olympics and Dalian Digital Valley's new infrastructure and technical service capabilities, and integrates the functions of government management, government-enterprise cooperation, security management system, talent empowerment, etc., providing information security services such as security consultation, security defense, security alarm, security disposal and security emergency for information systems in cities.


Dalian Digital Valley, as a key industrial base for the construction of "information technology application innovation and data security", has initially formed a regional digital industrial cluster with network security, data analysis, artificial intelligence and industrial digitalization as its core. Through cooperation with Qi Anxin, we will speed up the training of network security talents serving digital economy, information technology application innovation and other fields, empower the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the region, and help regional economic development.