Dalian AIGC Industrial Innovation and Development Alliance was established
2023-09-14 13:09

In order to deeply understand the functions and industry development and application of ChatGPT and seize the opportunities brought by new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, Dalian International Innovation Salon and ChatGPT Innovation Development and Industry Application Seminar were held in 101 SPACE International Innovation Space on the afternoon of September 13th. The event was hosted by Dalian Innovation and Venture Capital Service Center, undertaken by Dalian Information Service Outsourcing Innovation and Development Alliance and Dalian Software Industry Association, and participated by Microsoft, Polk City, VSVR, Yuanhe Technology and other scientific and technological enterprises, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian Jiaotong University, Neusoft Institute of Information and other universities to share and exchange the changes and opportunities brought by AIGC (Generative Artificial Intelligence) to enterprise productivity improvement, technological innovation and university talent cultivation, and jointly help Dalian artificial intelligence production, education and research.


During the event, as the industry leader of AI enterprise-level applications, the relevant person in charge of Microsoft's artificial intelligence department made an in-depth analysis of the origin, innovation and industry application of a new generation of artificial intelligence technologies based on large models such as Azure OpenAI; Polk City shared how to integrate many resources needed for game development such as art, code, music and characters with AI generative platform; Yuanhe Technology demonstrated AI support cases such as academic research, preventive diagnosis and market evaluation of tumor heart disease provided by many domestic top three hospitals and IVD manufacturers; AI101 introduces all-round cooperation with artificial intelligence professional courses, certification examinations, training platforms and employment support established with many colleges and universities; VSVR introduces that by helping customers build a private domain knowledge base, metaverse marketing matrix such as pre-sales and after-sales support, product display and system training of virtual digital people has been realized in metaverse. More than a dozen leaders of artificial intelligence majors from universities in Dalian have said that the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology has put forward higher requirements for the training, teaching, scientific research and employment of AI-related talents, hoping to have more opportunities to approach these leading AI enterprises and have a deeper understanding of market demand.


In order to speed up enterprises and universities to cope with the changes and challenges brought by AIGC, relevant enterprises and universities in Dalian jointly initiated the establishment of "Dalian AIGC Industry Innovation and Development Alliance", set up a one-stop platform for AIGC government, industry, university and research, promote in-depth cooperation in artificial intelligence related technologies, talents and financing in our city, and help our software and information technology industry and higher education keep up with the forefront of technology development and application, thus creating a new pattern of industrial innovation and development, helping to enhance industrial added value, creating a good environment for industrial innovation and venture capital, and promoting Dalian.