The Taiping Bay version of "Guide to Doing Things without Looking for Relationships" was launched
2023-05-23 15:10

Yesterday, it was learned that Taiping Bay Edition of "Guidelines for Doing Things without Looking for Relationships" has been compiled and revised, and was officially launched recently.


It is reported that the "Guide" contains a total of 112 high-frequency examination and approval items. According to the provincial and municipal preparation standards, Taiping Bay has compiled the contents of the sections such as power matters, doing things without finding relationship paths, compliance business guidelines, illegal prohibitions, and tolerance acceptance matters, and has been combed and revised many times, striving for detailed content and accurate information, and truly making enterprises and working people "easy to read", "easy to ask" and "easy to understand" At present, Taiping Bay Edition's Guide to Doing Things without Looking for Relationships has been made public online and offline through Dalian Government Service Network and Taiping Bay Government Service Center.


In the next step, Taiping Bay Cooperative Innovation Zone will continue to publicize the Guide, focus on the "pain points", "blocking points" and "difficulties" in the work of enterprises and the masses, continue to carry out activities to optimize the business environment, and promote "doing things without looking for relationships and using rights without seeking benefits" to become the norm.