Dalian Medical Insurance Online "Price Comparison Artifact" Drug Price Reimbursement Ratio is available on touch screen
2023-05-23 15:10

A few days ago, the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau further optimized the "handheld" inquiry system of outpatient co-ordination of drug prices, simplified the input page of drug names, and enabled the insured to conveniently inquire about drug prices, reimbursement rates and selling prices of designated medical institutions in outpatient co-ordination on their mobile phones.


In addition, community doctors can also inquire about the specifications of drugs sold in pharmacies through this function, so as to ensure that the specifications of drugs in prescriptions are consistent with those sold in pharmacies, and avoid the situation that drugs cannot be found in pharmacies with prescriptions. At the same time, the system also provides navigation function, so that citizens can compare the distance, price and other information of several pharmacies on the same page, and after finding suitable drugs, they can directly purchase drugs by "one-click navigation". The specific operation steps are as follows:


The first step is to pay attention to the WeChat official account of Dalian Medical Insurance Bureau and click "Service". Step 2: Click "Outpatient Co-ordination Drug Price Inquiry" to enter the drug name (choose one of the common name or trade name) or click "My Prescription" to directly display the drug information in the prescription. The third step is to select a medical institution or a retail pharmacy, and the selling price in the designated medical institution can be displayed.