Dalian launched "National Municipal Domestic Waste Classification Publicity Week"
2023-05-23 15:09

According to the Notice of the Urban Construction Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Launching the National Municipal Domestic Waste Classification Publicity Week and the relevant requirements of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, combined with the actual situation of our city, from May 22 to 28, our city will launch the National Municipal Domestic Waste Classification Publicity Week with the theme of "Making Waste Classification a New Fashion".


From 2023 onwards, the fourth week of May every year will be designated as "National Publicity Week of Urban Domestic Waste Classification". Yesterday, all districts (cities, counties and pilot areas) in our city organized citizens to watch the online launching ceremony, creating a publicity atmosphere for garbage classification and stimulating the enthusiasm and initiative of the whole society to participate in garbage classification. During the activity week, all districts (cities, counties and pilot areas) fully publicized and launched, and organized citizens to actively participate in the National Urban Domestic Waste Classification Knowledge Competition, so as to promote learning and learning, further popularize the knowledge of domestic waste classification and improve the awareness of domestic waste classification. Each district (city, county, pilot area) organizes the theme activity of "making garbage classification a new fashion and lighting up a new landmark for beautiful Dalian" according to the actual situation of the district. All districts (cities, counties and pilot areas) will take the National Municipal Solid Waste Classification Publicity Week as an important opportunity to show the effectiveness of Dalian's municipal solid waste classification, actively participate in the national publicity activities, and do a good job in watching ceremonies, participating in competitions, launching public activities, organizing activities, etc., so as to ensure the effectiveness of waste classification publicity, lift the upsurge again, and expand the coverage and influence of activities.