Qi Faren, chief designer of Shenzhou, visited his hometown of Wafangdian City
2023-05-23 15:09

Recently, Qi Faren, a famous space technology expert in China, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief designer of Shenzhou spaceship, visited his hometown of Wafangdian City, visited the historical sites of Fuzhou, relived childhood memories, felt the cultural heritage of Fuzhou, and shared his "space complex" with teachers and students in Wafangdian City Senior High School.


Qi Faren was born in Fuxian County, Liaoning Province in 1933 (now Wafangdian City). Since joining the space team in 1957, Qi Faren has personally participated in and witnessed the development of China's space industry from scratch and from weak to strong. In the history of China's space development, he has created many "firsts" and witnessed the realization of China's dream of becoming a space power from generation to generation. He has won many honors such as the National Special Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress and the National May Day Labor Medal.


Over the years, Qi Faren has been deeply concerned about his hometown, especially for the development of education and the cultivation of scientific and technological talents in Wafangdian City. On the morning of his visit, Qi Faren gave a special lecture to hundreds of teachers, students and government officials in the auditorium of Wafangdian City Senior High School with the theme of "China's Aerospace and Aerospace Spirit". In the lecture, Qi Faren reviewed and looked forward to the development of China's space industry for more than 60 years around understanding, developing and utilizing space, and told the story of generations of astronauts' unswerving dedication to serving the country and their dream of becoming a powerful country with personal experiences and vivid and interesting cases. "Looking up at the starry sky and down-to-earth", Qi Faren encouraged teachers and students to love the motherland, set up lofty ideals, lay a good foundation for scientific and cultural knowledge, do not fear difficulties in the process of seeking knowledge, inherit the space spirit, and contribute to China's space industry and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The lecture, which lasted nearly two hours, was fascinating, and warm and long applause broke out from time to time. Students have said that Grandpa Qi Faren's lecture made them feel the charm of the space industry. They should study hard, enhance their skills, and contribute their youthful strength to China's early becoming a world power in science and technology and space.


On the afternoon of the same day, Qi Faren came to Fuzhou Town to visit Hengshan Academy, Wen Yamen and other historical sites in Fuzhou. In Hengshan Academy, Qi Faren inquired in detail about the historical evolution, protection and repair of the Academy. During the visit, Qi Faren also personally planted the "Tree of Hope" symbolizing blessings, and sent a message to the students: "Down-to-earth, accumulate wealth, shine aerospace ideals into reality, and write new magnificent poems in the vast space."