Press the "Acceleration Key" for construction of key livelihood projects in Dalian
2023-05-22 15:08

One practical project for people's livelihood has been accelerated and landed one after another, so that the achievements of reform and development will benefit all the people more fairly. In April, the Supervision and Examination Office of the Municipal Government continuously tracked and supervised the key livelihood projects of the Municipal Government in 2023, and urged the responsible units of the projects to establish a "sense of paying accounts" and fulfill their livelihood commitments on schedule. By the end of April, 40 projects of 15 livelihood issues had been implemented quickly. Among them, 5 projects have completed the annual target ahead of schedule, 7 projects have exceeded the node target, 25 projects have completed the node target as planned, and 3 projects have adjusted the node target after being reported to the municipal government for approval.


Improve the infrastructure of people's livelihood, and make people live in peace and happiness. Ten areas involved in the project of "Renovating 11 million square meters of old residential areas", including Zhongshan District, Xigang District, Shahekou District, Ganjingzi District, Lushunkou District, Jinpu New District, Pulandian District, Wafangdian City, Zhuanghe City and Changhai County, have completed the preliminary project establishment and approval, and completed the design bidding or scheme bidding, and entered the construction stage in an all-round way. As of the end of April, the "Gas Safety Improvement Project" has completed 40 kilometers of municipal and courtyard gas pipeline network renovation, 151 kilometers of gas riser renovation, 545 pipe network sentinels and 323 remote alarms.


Upgrade and transform urban roads and bridges to reconstruct urban traffic pattern. Two projects, "Dalian Bay Cross-Harbour Tunnel and Guangming Road Extension Project Opened to Traffic" and "New Barracuda Bay No.20 Road", were officially opened to traffic on May 1, achieving the annual target ahead of schedule. Dalian Bay Cross-Harbour Tunnel is the first cross-sea immersed tunnel in northern China, which runs through the north and south banks of Dalian Bay historically, greatly shortening the journey from 40 minutes to 5 minutes, effectively reconstructing the new pattern of road traffic in the whole region and effectively reshaping the new space of urban development layout. As of the end of April, the project of "Hongling Road Widening and Reconstruction Project Completed" has completed the laying of 1,400 meters of sewage pipeline and the construction of lifting pumping station.


Road traffic is slow and smooth, and citizens travel smoothly. In the project of "Global Investigation and Management of Road Traffic Hidden Dangers at All Levels", 80 road hidden dangers were treated as planned in April. By the end of April, the whole city had completed the treatment of 173 road hidden dangers, and no new hidden danger points were found. As of the end of April, the road traffic signs and markings on the south and north banks of Dalian Bay Cross-Harbour Tunnel have been completed, and the traffic order adjustment notices of Gongxing Road, No.20 Road, Ganhai Road, Democracy Square Roundabout and Jewelry Street have been issued; Complete the road traffic organization around Huantao Road Underpass Tunnel, and the Underpass Tunnel was officially opened to traffic on April 28th.


Inclusive development of culture and education and equalization of basic public services. In April, the project of "Carrying out Public Welfare Culture to Benefit the People" launched three series of activities of "Art Zero Distance" public welfare art appreciation and popularization, namely, "Roaming Black and White Keys" piano master Open Class, "Meeting Unknown Self" Immersive Drama Salon Experience, "Vocal Music in Opera" Art Appreciation, and Dalian Natural History Museum held "Sang Zhihua-Natural Science Investigation History Exhibition". The project of "Building and Expanding 7 Compulsory Education Schools" and the expansion project of Huiwen Middle School in Ganjingzi District are undergoing decoration construction; The main construction is underway for the supporting C District Primary School and the Third School Project of High-tech Zone in Nanshan Youjia Village Parcel of Ganjingzi District; The sports center is supporting the development of Phase III Primary School, and the foundation construction of Tuesday Primary School Expansion Project, Jinzhou Gold Medal Education Park Primary School Project and Lingao Primary School Project in High-tech Zone is under way. In April, the project of "Newly Opening 10 Public Kindergartens" completed the substantial recovery of Hyde Park Kindergarten in Ganjingzi District and Jiahe Kindergarten in Ganjingzi District.


Medical care benefits the people and protects people's lives and health. The project of "Medical Assistance Supports Residents with Difficulties to Participate in Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents" gives full subsidy to the individual contributions of destitute people, orphans and low-income objects to participate in medical insurance for urban and rural residents, and gives fixed subsidy to the members of marginal families with low-income according to 60% of the individual contributions to participate in medical insurance for urban and rural residents. In the project of "Providing Assistance for Surgical Treatment of Children with Congenital Heart Disease", the Municipal Women's and Children's Medical Center (Group) actively provided medical assistance for children with congenital heart disease. In April, 9 cases of surgical subsidies for patients with congenital heart disease were completed, with subsidy funds of 133,352.56 yuan. By the end of April, 53 cases of surgical subsidies for patients with congenital heart disease had been completed.


The "vegetable basket" convenience project creates a convenience living circle. "Dalian Modern Agricultural Industry Center Infrastructure Supporting Project", completed the sewage pipeline laying project on the west side of Gangyi Canal in April, with a length of about 1,040 meters; 94% of the remaining projects, such as the regulation of the first canal of Hong Kong and the new construction of Ga4 Road, were completed, exceeding the node target. "Farmers' Market Upgrading and Reconstruction Project", "Implementation Opinions on Intelligent Upgrading and Reconstruction of People's Livelihood Project of Dalian Farmers' Market" was issued on April 30th, and 9 farmers' markets in the main city were upgraded and transformed before the end of the year by means of policy guidance and market leading.


In the next step, the Municipal Government Supervision and Examination Office will adhere to the methods of mid-month monitoring, online audit, offline verification, on-the-spot supervision and investigation, etc., and urge the project responsible units to deeply practice the people-centered development thought, insist on safeguarding and improving people's livelihood in development, do a good job in people's livelihood projects with heart and emotion, and form more physical workload as soon as possible to ensure the completion of the annual goals and tasks, so that the masses can truly see changes, see results and get benefits.