The 32nd Dalian Sophora Appreciation Meeting and Northeast Asia International Tourism Culture Week kicked off
2023-05-22 15:07

Green hills are lingering, blue seas are flowing, and Dalian is picturesque in May. Xia Yang is a gift, flowers bloom as a letter, and the festival in Bincheng comes as promised. On May 21st, the 32nd Dalian Sophora Appreciation Meeting and Northeast Asia International Tourism Culture Week sponsored by Dalian Culture and Tourism Bureau kicked off in the beautiful Labor Park. Smell the flowers all the way, visit the Sophora japonica market, watch the intangible cultural heritage exhibition, watch the promotion of cultural tourism, listen to music flow, play interactive games... A series of colorful activities create a feast for the national cultural tourism, make the labor park a festival ocean, and make the city boil because of the Sophora japonica event.


Rich cultural atmosphere


At 9:30, the grand opening ceremony kicked off. Song and dance "Beautiful Bay Dalian", male group singing "Cheers to Friendship", acrobatic skewer "All Loves", electroacoustic instrumental performance "Blooming", song "Gathering Together", Beijing song "Peking Opera Treasure Splendid Culture" and song and dance "Meet Spring" appeared in turn. Colorful programs and superb professional performances showed Dalian's profound cultural heritage.


Among the flowers, "Dalian Craftsmanship" is particularly amazing. Exquisite leather carvings, vivid dough sculptures, playful and lovely sugar blowers... In the non-legacy exhibition area of the main venue, 15 non-legacy items participated in the exhibition, and non-genetic inheritors and folk art masters brought their own "unique skills", and countless citizens and tourists stopped to watch and buy and collect their favorite non-legacy accompanying gifts. "These seafood are actually made of noodles, just like real, it's amazing!" In front of the dough sculpture booth, many guests and citizens gathered, and everyone loved the realistic dough sculpture works. Zhong Lei, the representative inheritor of folk traditional dough sculpture skills of Dalian intangible cultural heritage, introduced that the classic dough sculpture "Zhong Kui", the original "National Zodiac" and the original Dalian seafood dough sculpture are very popular, especially the seafood dough sculpture works have Dalian characteristics, showing Dalian shrimp in spring, shellfish in summer, crabs in autumn and ginseng in winter in the form of dough sculpture, which amazed guests from Malaysia. "In this season of fragrant Sophora japonica, we are honored and proud to display the exclusive Dalian non-legacy technology and works at the scene of Dalian Appreciation Club!" Zhong Lei said.


In addition, the cultural tourism experience of "enjoying flowers and paintings together", activities such as painting locust scenery by hundreds of children, camping coffee market, etc. also attracted many citizens and tourists to participate, and the elegant cultural taste of Dalian Locust Appreciation Association won numerous praises.


Cultural travel promotion is practical


At yesterday's locust appreciation meeting, Chengdu, Shenyang modern metropolitan area and Dalian, Dandong, Jinzhou, Yingkou and Panjin in Liaoning coastal economic belt promoted cultural tourism resources, offering cultural tourism feasts for citizens and tourists.


As one of the friendly and cooperative cities of Dalian, Chengdu is famous for its long history and culture and charming tourist attractions. Chengdu cuisine, Sichuan Opera and Panda Base are all popular scenic spots to attract tourists. With the introduction of Chengdu, citizens have a deeper understanding of Chengdu's tourism resources.


Shenyang modern metropolitan area takes Shenyang as the center, covering 7 cities and 1 district of "Shenyang, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi, Fuxin, Liaoyang, Tieling and Shenfu Demonstration Zone". Here, the remaining veins of Changbai Mountain stretch on the side, and the Liaohe River system passes through the territory. It is rich in natural resources and has a solid industrial base. The historical culture, red culture, industrial culture, national culture and landscape culture are profound and thick and come down in one continuous line. According to the promoter, Dalian and Shenyang are very close, which is suitable for a weekend trip.


Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt is the region with the best conditions for development and opening up in Northeast China, and this land has been given a brand-new position of "becoming a new economic growth pole in China's coastal areas". Not long ago, six cities signed an agreement on cultural tourism cooperation in Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt in Dalian. In order to further promote the development of cultural tourism, Dandong City, Jinzhou City, Yingkou City, Panjin City and Huludao City gathered in Dalian this time to send preferential tourism information to the citizens of cities in Liaoning coastal economic belt.


Yesterday afternoon, 11 districts, cities and counties and one tourist attraction in our city also promoted tourism resources, so that citizens and tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy themselves at their doorsteps. Jinpu New District organized Jinshitan Tourism Group, Ant Island 3A-level scenic spot, Detai cultural and creative products, Jinzhou century-old non-legacy brand Yichang Ning Pastry, new product Shibeiwan Dream Water Park and national key tourism villages to display and promote Wujia Courtyard in Yingtumen Village to the main venue of Huai Appreciation Club. Among them, the booths of local products and Yichang Coagulation Pastry in Wujia Courtyard are constantly crowded, and many tourists are competing to buy them. This exhibition and promotion has enabled more citizens and tourists to fully understand the cultural tourism resources in Jinpu New District.


Qiaosi Creative Circle Powder


In the main venue of Labor Park, the exhibition area of Sophora japonica derivatives and cultural creation is filled with laughter and laughter. Sun Ran from Dalian Art Institute and his classmates brought the interactive experience of paper development. The colorful paper development was made into a "high-value" handmade painting, which was very popular among big friends and children. Sun Ran said: "The public can experience the art of paper development for free here, make paper development Sophora japonica, and record the beauty of Dalian Sophora japonica."


Jian Jiashun from Dalian Art Institute and his classmates brought many cultural and creative products of Dalian Tram IP and Lushun Poseidon Empress IP. In their booth, there are more than 10 kinds of cultural and creative products, such as pillows, decorative paintings, standing cards, jigsaw puzzles, postcards, refrigerator stickers, key chains and canvas bags. Jian Jiashun said that he is a native of Chongqing, and he didn't know that there is Poseidon Empress in Dalian's intangible culture until he came to Dalian to go to school. This image is similar to Mazu on the south coast, but there are also some differences. Therefore, he designed many cultural and creative derivatives based on the IP image of Empress Poseidon, and named them "Sea Grocery Store". In his design, Poseidon Empress rides sika deer, sits on flowers, and has mermaid tail, which is especially cute with various sea elements such as shells and starfish. The tram IP cultural and creative products were selected to participate in the locust appreciation meeting, and Jian Jiashun was also very happy. "This is our greatest affirmation. We hope to show Dalian's regional culture to Dalian citizens and foreign tourists through cultural and creative products with the help of the platform of the Appreciation Club."


There are countless novel and interesting experiences such as Sophora japonica food, Sophora japonica tea, tie-dyeing of vegetation and facial painting. With flowers as the medium, citizens and tourists experience the creativity and beauty of flowers under Sophora japonica trees. At the scene, Manjianghong Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. invited citizens and tourists to taste Sophora japonica tea for free, which may be due to cold soaking. Sophora japonica tea does not smell like Sophora japonica, but the taste of Sophora japonica instantly blooms in taste buds as soon as it enters. In hot weather, this mouthful of Sophora japonica tea is definitely an "artifact to relieve summer heat". Zhong Xiruo, a field worker, said that they invited tea-making masters to make tea repeatedly for one year, using Sophora japonica flowers from Laotieshan, Dalian and Baihao Silver Needles from Yunnan, taking the fragrance of Sophora japonica flowers from Dalian and blending the charm of Baihao Silver Needles from Yunnan, and making "Dalian Sophora japonica tea" with unique taste.


Rich interactive experience


Fun to visit the "Sophora Garden Party", have a Frisbee competition, punch in and take photos, take photos with IP humanoid dolls of cultural travel, listen to a grass concert, and watch street performers perform magic tricks... This Sophora Garden Party emphasizes the sense of participation, and various interactive games make citizens and tourists interested.


Yesterday morning, on the Lion Square of Labor Park, "Bear Warrior", based on the IP "Xiong Beibei" of the city cultural tour, exploded and appeared, causing children to scream. "Bear Warrior", which has a great sense of science and technology, is about 2 meters high, silver all over and shining in the sun. It is played by a real person wearing mechanical armor. Although it is huge, its movements are light, which attracts people to take a group photo. A citizen said that he had seen "Xiong Beibei" in Xiongdong Street before, and today is the first time to see such a robot "Xiong Warrior" with a sense of science and technology on the spot. He felt that the Huai Club was no longer a traditional flower viewing, and there were more contents that young people liked, which were particularly diversified. This year's Sophora Garden Fair has strengthened the exploration of "Digital + Cultural Travel" in many aspects, creating a brand-new tour experience. There are also the city IP tram baby representing Dalian, the classic IP image of Discovery Kingdom, Cool Music and Kulami to enhance the interactive atmosphere.


In May, Sophora japonica is fragrant, and "music" is emotional. Yesterday, the performance of the grass concert made the Huai Club more intimate. Immersive performance style is the characteristic of grass concert, and citizens and tourists can watch it at close range and interact with singers eagerly. In the morning, famous local bands such as Cat Band and Black Forest Band presented more than a dozen familiar songs such as "Those Flowers", "Childhood" and "Red Bean". Singer Qian Qian said: "I want to pass on the warm feeling to people and let everyone remember the beauty of Dalian Huai Club." The singer said: "The most surprising thing is that when singing" Those Flowers ", there are all flowers floating on my head, which is particularly beautiful. Singing in the middle of falling locust is particularly happy. I can participate in city activities, and I also have a sense of glory."