Dalian carries out cross-inspection of major hazard source enterprises of hazardous chemicals
2023-05-19 17:37

Through this cross-inspection, we will further improve and perfect the joint supervision mechanism of hazardous chemicals, and strive to achieve "four 100%", that is, the coverage rate of major hazard source units reaches 100%; The self-inspection rate of enterprise benchmarking reached 100%; The coverage rate of cross-examination at the municipal level reached 100%; The supervision rate of rectification of hidden dangers reached 100%. Focus on two key aspects: First, enterprises with major hazard sources of hazardous chemicals, and enterprises that have obtained safety production licenses, operation (with storage) licenses and use licenses of hazardous chemicals and constitute major hazard sources of hazardous chemicals; Second, hazardous chemicals construction projects that constitute major hazard sources and have been put into operation.


This cross-inspection adopts the mode of "cooperation in eliminating land", and conducts full coverage inspection on enterprises with major hazard sources of hazardous chemicals in our city. During the inspection, the Joint Inspection Unit carried out the inspection in strict accordance with the Detailed Rules for Special Safety Inspection of Enterprises with Major Hazard Sources of Dangerous Chemicals (Trial), gave on-site feedback on the hidden problems found during the inspection, fully communicated with the inspected enterprises on relevant issues, answered the questions from the technical, legal and regulatory perspectives, and urged the enterprises to rectify. Next, the Municipal Emergency Bureau and the Municipal Fire Rescue Detachment will form four inspection teams to go to other cities in the province to carry out cross-inspection of enterprises with major hazard sources of hazardous chemicals.