Xiong Maoping specially investigated grassroots party building work
2023-05-19 17:36

On May 18th, Xiong Maoping, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, came to Zhongshan District to go deep into the street community and the Clean Life Experience Hall to investigate the grassroots party building work, communicate face-to-face with grassroots party members, cadres and the masses, and observe the truth, listen to public opinion and ask for good strategies in the "dissecting sparrows". He stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly implement   's thought of party building, adhere to the guidance of party building, strengthen co-construction and co-governance, and build grass-roots party organizations into a strong fighting fortress leading grass-roots governance. City leaders Li Haiyang and Li Dexin attended.


Hehe Courtyard, Zhongxing Community, Laohutan Street, has changed from "abandoning management" to "managing together" through practice and exploration, and has become a beautiful business card for party building in our city to lead grass-roots governance. Xiong Maoping inspected the activity room of the Party branch, the deliberation room of autonomous organizations, the self-managed buildings and the characteristic buildings of Hehe series all the way, and had a cordial exchange with volunteer representatives and residents such as Wang Qiuping, a backbone party member. He affirmed the co-construction, governance and sharing of Hehe Courtyard through the guidance of party building and self-managed autonomy, and expressed his appreciation for the volunteers' persistence and dedication for ten years. I hope everyone's life will be more prosperous. He pointed out that it is necessary to fully respect grass-roots initiatives, conscientiously sum up and popularize good experiences and good practices, and guide everyone to catch up with each other by comparing advanced and learning, and constantly create new experiences and make new achievements, so as to add luster to the creation of civilized cities.


The party organization of Qingquan Community in Kuiying Street explored and formed a grass-roots governance model led by party building and governed by five parties, and achieved a good situation of "old neighbors, new neighborhoods and one family". Xiong Maoping went deep into the "Big Party Committee" and "Red Property" comprehensive service stations, community Sashido, etc., to learn more about the practical exploration at the grassroots level. He pointed out that grassroots party organizations are the bridge and link between the party and the masses. They must seriously and often carry out the party's organizational life and constantly improve the combat effectiveness and cohesiveness of party organizations; It is necessary to do solid grid management, find out the base, provide accurate services, take multiple measures to solve the problem of "one old and one young", and earnestly send the care and warmth of the party and the government to the hearts of the masses.


As a clean cultural brand in our city, the Clean Life Experience Hall highlights positive education and guidance, aiming at establishing a clear value orientation of "taking a good clean life road" for the whole society. Xiong Maoping went deep into the exhibition hall of incorruptible education and took the lead in receiving family education, red culture and incorruptible culture education. He pointed out that it is necessary to continuously enrich the resources of incorruptible education, enhance the penetration and appeal of incorruptible culture, and promote the integration of incorruptible culture into daily life and infiltrate people's hearts; It is necessary to constantly push forward the comprehensive and strict administration of the party, continuously purify the political ecology, promote the continuous optimization of the development environment, and resolutely rectify the unhealthy practices and corruption around the masses, so that the people can truly feel that the integrity of discipline and anti-corruption are around.


In the investigation, Xiong Maoping pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the overall leadership of the Party throughout all aspects of the whole process of grass-roots governance, focus on enhancing the political and organizational functions of grass-roots party organizations, and build grass-roots party organizations into a strong fighting fortress to effectively realize the leadership of the Party. It is necessary to improve the organizational system, promote the linkage of party organizations at the five levels of city, district, street, community and community, and realize the organic connection and integration of organizational system and governance system. It is necessary to improve the service quality, build a good service position between the party and the masses, innovate the way of serving the masses, improve the evaluation mechanism of service effect, and strive to do a good job in the worries, worries and worries of the masses. It is necessary to consolidate the basic guarantee, accurately decentralize and empower the grassroots, strengthen the construction of talent team, and ensure that the grassroots have the resources and ability to do a good job in grassroots governance and better serve the masses.