Chu Tianyun



Chu Tianyun, male, Han nationality, born in February 1968, non-partisan, in-service postgraduate degree, master of public administration. Chu is now vice mayor of Dalian Municipal People's Government. 




Responsible for ecological environment, housing and urban and rural construction, transportation, market supervision, urban management, port, international shipping center construction, international logistics center construction. 


In charge of Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision Bureau (Municipal Intellectual Property Office), Municipal Urban Management Bureau (Municipal City Appearance and Garden Administration), Municipal Government Port Office, Municipal Housing Provident Fund Management Center, Municipal Inspection and Certification Technical Service Center, Municipal Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Service Center, Dalian New Airport and Jinzhou Bay Airport Economic Zone Planning and Construction Headquarters.


Responsible for contacting the municipal postal administration, railway, civil aviation, customs, maritime affairs, maritime search and rescue departments and Liaoning Port Group. 


Responsible for contacting Dalian International Airport Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Public Transport Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd.


Fulfill the "double duties for one position", be responsible for (supervising) the construction of the party's work style and clean government building of the units, and make great efforts to safety production, maintaining stability of letters and visits, and ecological environment.