The High-tech Zone opened "double engine" and drove to "new track"
2023-03-15 16:34

Marked by the acceleration of intelligent manufacturing industry aiming at head resources, and driven by institutional innovation and focusing on "seven growth points", the High-tech Zone promotes the gradual transformation of industrial structure from "soft" to "industrial", and starts to accelerate running on the new track of "dual engines".


Since the beginning of this year, 93 large projects in the High-tech Zone have been fully resumed, and the investment footprint has spread all over Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Pearl River Delta and other places. All the new round of policy funds have been fulfilled, the intelligent manufacturing industrial park has been accelerated, and the construction of Yinggeshi Science City has been speeding up, showing the surging vitality of high-spirited endeavor. The High-tech Zone puts forward "seven growth points", such as promoting the integration of production and city, promoting the joint innovation of government, industry, university and research, promoting the transformation of high and new technology, developing platform economy, business and cultural tourism industries, promoting digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, developing advanced manufacturing represented by microelectronics, and further increasing the reform of system and mechanism and policy innovation.


As the largest industrial park project in the park in recent years, the construction of Huangnichuan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park has released a strong signal that the high-tech zone strives to create a "double engine" to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and the integration of digital economy and real economy. At the same time, the High-tech Zone has made great efforts to promote investment promotion, scientific and technological innovation and other work system innovations, further stimulating the entrepreneurial vitality of the officers, and demonstrating the determination and thinking of vertical deep cultivation in new fields and new racetracks. The timely implementation of the matching system and mechanism will lay a solid foundation for the High-tech Zone to achieve greater leap-forward development.