The Northeast Women Entrepreneurs Revitalization and Development Forum was held in Dalian
2023-03-15 16:34

Talking about the "her economy" in Northeast China, bringing together the "her strength" in Northeast China. On March 14th, the "Her Economy, Her Strength" 2023 Northeast Women Entrepreneurs Revitalization and Development Forum sponsored by Dalian Women's Federation and hosted by Dalian Women Entrepreneurs Association was held.


This forum invited a number of heavyweight experts and representatives of women entrepreneurs' groups from more than ten cities inside and outside the province to communicate with each other, talk about strategies for revitalization and development, and contribute to revitalization and development. Leaders of Dalian Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and some entrepreneurs gave keynote speeches respectively.


Yesterday, a lighting ceremony was held on the spot to ignite "her strength" and create a new era in Northeast China. Women entrepreneurs from all over the country lit up the kindling symbolizing the future at the same time. Liu Yi, president of the Municipal Women Enterprise Federation, and other 14 entrepreneurs' representatives made forceful and exciting vows, which ignited everyone's new hope for revitalizing Northeast China in the new era.