13 reform and innovation experiences in Dalian Free Trade Zone will be promoted throughout the province
2023-03-15 16:33

Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Government issued the Notice on Learning from and Promoting the Sixth Batch of Reform and Innovation Experience of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and promoted the sixth batch of 31 reform and innovation experiences and practices of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone for the whole province. Thirteen experiences selected by Dalian Free Trade Zone were selected, accounting for 42%, ranking first.


The 13 reform and innovation experiences selected by Dalian Free Trade Zone include: 2 experiences in the field of government function transformation, namely, intelligent supervision of engineering quality inspection and long-term mechanism of customs "problem clearing"; There are 3 experiences in the field of trade facilitation, namely, intelligent bonded bayonet, intelligent guidance of enterprise automatic control remote assistance new mode, and convenient customs clearance mode for maritime LCL dangerous business; 1 experience in the field of financial innovation, which is a new offshore trade management service system; There are two experiences in the field of tax system reform, namely, the digital upgrade of tax services and the new model of intelligent diagnosis of export tax rebates; There are two experiences in the field of state-owned state-owned enterprise reform and industrial transformation and upgrading, namely, relying on the credit capital platform to explore new paths for state-owned enterprise reform and market-oriented reform of state-owned enterprises in the region; There are three experiences in expanding the open field, namely, the border inspection service mode of "green through train" for international sailing ships, the preferential tax rate analysis service system of FTA, and the new digital mode of the whole process supervision of imported automobiles.


According to reports, since the second half of 2022, under the overall guidance of provincial and municipal free trade offices, Dalian Free Trade Zone has selected 13 experiences from nearly 100 innovation experiences released in the past year and submitted them to the provincial free trade office after several rounds of evaluation according to the basic principles of high innovation relevance, strong benefit to enterprises and great regional contribution. In the meantime, the relevant departments of the District Management Committee cooperated closely with the provincial departments such as customs, maritime affairs, taxation and border inspection to form a joint force, revised and improved the relevant innovation cases, and jointly promoted the selection and issuance of relevant experiences. In the next step, Dalian Free Trade Zone will strengthen the organization and implementation and policy publicity and interpretation according to the notification requirements of the provincial government and the work arrangements of provincial and municipal free trade offices, so as to ensure that the reform pilot experience takes root and produces practical results.