"Dalian Pulandian Cherry Industry Culture Festival" opened
2023-03-14 09:59

Yesterday, "Dalian Pulandian Big Cherry Industry Culture Festival and the 4th Siping Big Cherry Promotion Conference" opened in Siping Street, Pulandian District. This Pulandian Big Cherry Industry Culture Festival will organically integrate promotion, production, sales and discussion, constantly improve and strengthen the whole industrial chain, build a cooperation platform through various channels, make every effort to enlarge and strengthen regional characteristic brands, and promote the high-quality development of regional big cherry industry.


"Dalian Pulandian Big Cherry Industry Culture Festival" is not only an appearance of characteristic agricultural products in Pulandian District, It is also a grand meeting to promote the big cherry culture and promote the exchange and development of the big cherry industry, which will last until April. It will also carry out Siping Big Cherry Greenhouse Picking Month, Siping Big Cherry Promotion Seminar, Siping Big Cherry Promotion Week, Pulandian and Siping Big Cherry Technical Training Activities, etc.


It is reported that Pulandian District has vigorously developed facility agriculture and characteristic industries, and cultivated six national-level "one village, one product" characteristic industries headed by "Siping Cherry". At present, the planting area of big cherries in the whole region is 15,000 mu, with more than 6,500 greenhouses, with an annual output of over 20,000 tons and an annual output value of 1.47 billion yuan. "Small cherries" have become a "big industry", and are gradually promoting cherry planting to scale, improve quality and increase benefits. Feitun Village, Siping Street, has been appraised as "National Village with Characteristic Industries of 100 Million Yuan" for two consecutive years. In the next step, Pulandian District will build a northern germplasm resources introduction and breeding center, build an "agricultural Silicon Valley" in northern China, and strive for a "national cherry seedling source base".