The city's housing and urban construction work conference was held
2023-03-14 09:58

In 2023, the city's housing and urban construction work conference was held a few days ago, focusing on the deployment of the city's housing and urban construction work this year.


Promote the stabilization and recovery of the real estate market and improve the housing security system. It is necessary to strengthen the disposal and revitalization of projects with suspended construction, and plan to revitalize 30 projects and 2.4 million square meters throughout the year.


Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of construction industry and promote the high-quality development of construction industry. It is necessary to increase service support and strive to achieve a 20% growth rate in the output value of the construction industry. To promote the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization, the proportion of newly built prefabricated buildings should not be less than 60%. It is necessary to actively promote the construction of near-zero energy consumption projects such as Hutan Donggou in Zhongshan District, and promote the application of green building materials in the pilot projects of rural housing renovation in Jinpu and Zhuanghe.


Solidly promote the integration of urban and rural development and build a livable, resilient and smart city. It is necessary to increase the planning of urban renewal projects, speed up the filling of shortcomings in people's livelihood, complete the renovation of 110 km heating pipe network by the end of June, 11 million square meters of old residential areas by the end of September, 300 km municipal and courtyard gas pipe network, 1,050 km riser and 100 km drainage pipe network by the end of November. It is necessary to comprehensively enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of cities, improve the urban road planning during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and actively promote the construction of Xiajiahe Wastewater Treatment Plant (Phase II) and other projects.


Continuously improve people's livelihood security and strive to improve people's quality of life. It is necessary to vigorously create livable and beautiful villages, complete the earthquake-resistant renovation of 316 dilapidated houses in rural areas and 503 farmhouses, and improve the treatment level of rural domestic garbage. It is necessary to ensure the heating service in an all-round way, improve the quality of heating service, and ensure the comfortable room temperature of users. Before the end of October, it is necessary to complete the grid-connected project of six boiler rooms in the three major power plant areas and the integration of heating enterprises.


Improve the level of public safety governance and strengthen safety supervision in key areas. It is necessary to continue to promote the investigation and rectification of gas safety in the whole city and complete the integration of bottled gas enterprises in the five districts of the city and Jinpu New District. It is necessary to deepen the reform of the fire inspection system, adhere to the principle of who approves who supervises, and constantly improve the fire inspection work in the whole city.


Comprehensively deepen the reform of examination and approval and optimize the business environment in the field of building permits.