Dalian held listing ceremony of "National Defense Education Demonstration School"
2023-03-13 14:37

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission jointly recognized and published the list of national defense education demonstration schools, and 20 primary and secondary schools in our city won great honors. In order to further expand and enhance the functions of national defense education demonstration schools and promote the extensive and in-depth development of national defense education in schools, the listing ceremony of "National National Defense Education Demonstration Schools" was held in Heishijiao Primary School, Shahekou District on March 10th. At the event site, the Young Pioneers of Heishijiao Primary School wore red scarves for the participants and held a flag-raising ceremony. All the teachers and students of the school took an oath.


It is reported that the identified national defense education demonstration schools are distributed in the four districts of the city, Pulandian District, Wafangdian City and other areas. The activities require all regions to focus on promoting schools to innovate the forms of national defense education, enrich the contents of national defense education, strengthen the construction of teachers, organically integrate the requirements of national defense education into curriculum materials, take solid and effective measures, continuously improve the national defense literacy of young students, and actively strive for more national defense education demonstration schools. At the ceremony, the recognized national defense education demonstration schools were also encouraged to cherish honor, take the initiative, promote national defense education with high standards, give full play to the leading role of demonstration, and make due contributions to national defense education in regional and city schools.


After the first batch of national defense education demonstration schools are listed, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Education Bureau and other units will continue to rely on national defense education demonstration schools to further plan and carry out the theme activities of cultivating and practicing socialist core values in the whole city.