Chen Shaowang met with Zheng Weiyuan, Director of Beijing Office of Hong Kong SAR Government
2023-11-09 14:07

Chen Shaowang met with Zheng Weiyuan, director of Beijing Office of Hong Kong SAR government (photo by Bian Chongjian, municipal government office)


Yesterday, Chen Shaowang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, met with Zheng Weiyuan, director of the Beijing Office of the Hong Kong SAR Government in the VIP room of the municipal government.


On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Chen Shaowang welcomed Zheng Weiyuan and his party, and thanked the Hong Kong SAR Government, its Beijing office and people from all walks of life in Hong Kong for their concern and support for Dalian's economic and social development. He said that Dalian is thoroughly implementing the spirit of Chairman Xi's series of important speeches and instructions on the revitalization and development of Northeast China, Liaoning and Dalian, especially the spirit of the important speech delivered at the Symposium on Promoting the Comprehensive Revitalization of Northeast China in the New Era, firmly grasping the primary task of high-quality development, focusing on the construction goals of "two leading areas" and "three centers", giving full play to comparative advantages and favorable conditions, promoting industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, and accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system with Dalian characteristics and advantages. In the first three quarters of this year, the growth rate of the city's main economic indicators was higher than the average level of the whole province, and Dalian was revitalized in an all-round way. The time has come, its potential has become, and its prosperity can be waited for.


Chen Shaowang said that for a long time, Dalian and Hong Kong have had frequent exchanges and close cooperation, and have achieved fruitful cooperation results in economic and trade investment, cultural exchanges and urban construction. A large number of Hong Kong businessmen have started businesses in Lianxingye. It is hoped that the two sides will deepen communication and docking, give full play to their respective advantages, focus on shipping, logistics, finance, science and technology, culture, sports, tourism, investment promotion, international trade and other fields, carry out wider and deeper cooperation, and strive to strengthen mutual learning of experiences, platform exchange, facility interconnection and talent interaction, so as to jointly push the cooperation and exchanges between the two places to a new level and make greater contributions to the overall development of the country.


Zheng Weiyuan said that the Beijing Office of the Hong Kong SAR Government will give full play to the role of platform window and bridge, further strengthen pragmatic cooperation between the two places in related fields, and promote more Hong Kong entrepreneurs to visit and exchange, seek common development and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Leng Xuefeng, Vice Mayor, Tang Yi, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, and Feng Bohao, Director of the Liaison Office of the Hong Kong SAR Government in Liaoning, attended the meeting.