Dalian has built 15 "one-stop" service stations for quality infrastructure
2023-11-15 13:37

Quality Infrastructure (NQI) is a system formed by integrating measurement, standards, certification and accreditation, inspection and testing, quality management and other elements, and it is an important measure to build a modern economic system. Since the beginning of this year, the municipal market supervision department and relevant technical institutions have strengthened the construction of quality infrastructure, built a shared platform, strengthened collaborative services, promoted the construction of NQI "one-stop" service stations, and effectively played the supporting and leading role of quality infrastructure in the development of key industries, with a total of 3,565 service enterprises and 297 quality problems solved.


This year, the Leading Group for the Work of Dalian City with Strong Quality issued the Three-year Action Plan for Promoting the Quality Improvement of Products, Projects and Services in Dalian (2023-2025), proposing that "improving the service efficiency of quality infrastructure" should be taken as an effective starting point for quality reform and innovation, and efforts should be made to break through a number of quality blocking points in the industrial chain and supply chain to support the optimization and upgrading of the modern industrial system.


Build a platform, integrate quality resources, and rely on the "Dalian Quality Infrastructure 'One-stop' Public Service Online Platform" built by Dalian Inspection and Certification Group. This year, the functions will be upgraded, online promotion services, online reservation services and other functions will be added, and mobile applications will be developed. At present, 8 NQI technical institutions have settled in, with about 26,000 visits and 129 technical problems solved online. The municipal market supervision department lays out "one-stop" service stations for quality infrastructure around industrial clusters or key parks, and promotes the deep integration of "quality chain" and "industrial chain". At present, there are 15 "one-stop" service stations for quality infrastructure in the whole city.


Taking the opportunity of establishing Liaoning Bearing Industry Quality Brand Promotion Demonstration Zone, relying on the National Bearing and Pipeline Components Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, wafangdian city organically integrates the administrative resources of functional departments, shares the technical resources of talents, equipment, information and testing of leading backbone enterprises, builds NQI "one-stop" service platform, and empowers the development of "time-honored" bearing industry. Since the beginning of this year, 57 technical problems have been solved for 60 bearing enterprises, saving more than 6 million yuan for enterprises.


The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau strengthens the collaborative service of quality infrastructure, builds the social public measurement standard of "Time and Frequency Standard Remote Calibration Device", strengthens the construction of hydrogen refueling station standard system, carries out the capability verification of key laboratories, constantly improves the construction of "one-stop" service stations, promotes the integrated development of measurement, standards, certification and inspection, and enhances comprehensive service capabilities; Focusing on major projects such as hydrogen energy industry, Metro Line 5 and Hengli Industrial Park, we will establish a working mechanism for comprehensive service classes for key projects in the city, track the progress of projects, provide professional services, and contribute to the success of the first battle of Dalian's comprehensive revitalization and new breakthrough.