Two enterprises in Pulandian District are listed on provincial green manufacturing list
2023-11-14 13:35

Recently, one park and two enterprises in Pulandian District were listed on the provincial green manufacturing list in 2023 (the eighth batch). Among them, Pulandian Economic Development Zone has become a provincial green industrial park, and Dalian No.1 Transformer Co., Ltd. and COFCO Malt (Dalian) Co., Ltd. have become provincial green factories. Up to now, there are 7 provincial green manufacturing enterprises in Pulandian District, including 1 provincial green industrial park, 5 provincial green factories and 1 green product design demonstration enterprise.


It is understood that green industrial parks and green factories are important components of green manufacturing. Green industrial park refers to the park that implements the concept of resource conservation and environmental friendliness in park planning, spatial layout, industrial chain design, energy utilization, resource utilization, infrastructure, ecological environment, operation management, etc., and realizes the characteristics of concentrated layout, green structure and ecological link. Green factory is the production unit of manufacturing industry, the implementation subject of green manufacturing, and the core supporting unit of green manufacturing system. It focuses on the greening of production process, and is a factory that realizes intensive land use, harmless raw materials, clean production, recycling waste and low carbonization of energy.