Liaoning Province modern fishery technology training class started
2023-11-14 13:34

On November 13th, Liaoning Modern Fishery Technology Training Course started in Dalian Ocean University, and aquatic professionals from different regions of the province participated in the training.


This training course invites well-known experts from Liaoning Academy of Marine Fisheries Sciences, Dalian Aquatic Technology Extension Station, Dalian Ocean University and other units to give lectures. The course content not only pays attention to the development situation of aquaculture industry with northern characteristics, but also emphasizes healthy aquaculture and green prevention and control technology. The training combines centralized teaching with on-the-spot investigation, with theoretical explanation, practical analysis and experience exchange, which solves many puzzles and technical problems in the production of aquatic professionals and technicians.


According to reports, this training course relies on the major key technologies and excellent varieties of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects undertaken by Dalian Ocean University to carry out technical promotion training, which provides strong scientific and technological support for better serving the healthy and sustainable development of fishery industry in Dalian and even Liaoning Province.