Dalian Maritime Safety Administration fully guarantees safe and smooth sea transportation of LNG in winter
2023-11-13 13:29

It was learned from Dalian Maritime Safety Administration that due to the influence of many cold air, the temperature in Northeast China has plummeted continuously, and the gas demand of residents and enterprises has increased sharply, which is about to usher in the peak use of LNG (liquefied natural gas). On November 10th, under the security of the maritime department, the "Edward" ship loaded with 170,000 cubic meters of LNG successfully berthed at Dalian LNG Terminal, which kicked off the guarantee of LNG supply in winter.


According to reports, Dalian LNG receiving station of the national pipeline network undertakes the important task of natural gas supply in parts of Northeast China, North China and Inner Mongolia. In order to efficiently implement the national energy security strategy and earnestly do a good job in ensuring LNG supply this winter and next spring, Dalian Maritime Safety Administration optimized service measures and explored the formation of a full chain supervision service mechanism of "three things" and "three zeros", namely, "taking precautions in advance", "taking the initiative in the event", "building a communication platform afterwards" and "zero waiting in bad weather", "zero waiting time for formalities" and "fresh waterway" We will further promote the reform of "distribution suits", further optimize services such as "single window" acceptance and one-stop settlement, simplify application materials, and implement the "Notification and Commitment System for International Navigation Ships Entering Ports" to minimize the time limit for examination and approval of customs clearance procedures for LNG ships. Innovate a new mode of all-weather customs clearance supervision for LNG ships, build an "integrated" platform for sharing key ship information, operation dynamics, pilotage plan, tugboat dynamics and other related information, scientifically plan ship safety operation plans and emergency plans together with enterprises, pilotage stations, barge companies and other units, and strictly implement navigation safety guarantee measures. In-depth research on special topics of LNG energy transportation, promotion of national key projects of "Night Navigation-Return Shipping-Bonded" in Dalian area, integration of technical research resources such as Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dalian Maritime University, optimization and improvement of ship-assisting facilities such as laser-assisted berthing system and cable tension monitoring system, and continuous solution of various problems encountered in practice.


During the winter supply guarantee period from 2023 to 2024, Dalian LNG receiving station is expected to receive and unload 4 ships, with a total unloading of about 6 million cubic meters of LNG. Dalian Maritime Safety Administration will continue to optimize the safe and smooth waterway transportation of key livelihood materials such as coal and LNG, so as to ensure uninterrupted water transportation, uninterrupted green channel for emergency transportation and uninterrupted production and life of the masses.