Literary volunteers walked into Dalian University of Technology to sing wonderful songs
2023-11-13 13:28

On the evening of November 11th, "Let Art Light Life" Dalian literary and art volunteers walked into Dalian University of Technology and the concert of Chinese and foreign classic vocal works "Can Ruo Xing Hai Love in Dalian" was held brilliantly in the Concert Hall of Dalian University of Technology College Student Cultural Center. The concert was directed by Dalian Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Dalian Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee Office, sponsored by Party Committee Propaganda Department of Dalian University of Technology, Youth League Committee of Dalian University of Technology and Dalian Musicians Association, and undertaken by Vocal Music Professional Committee of Dalian Musicians Association, Dalian Most Beautiful Women Choir and Dalian Most Beautiful Boys Art Troupe.


At the concert, Dalian's most beautiful women's choir sang famous songs such as "The Sea, Hometown", "Lake Baikal" and "Back to My Mother's Home", while singers such as Guo Songshang, Song Dandan, Gao Feng, Han Zhen and Nanyang sang famous opera songs and classic songs such as "Ballet in Spring", "Two Songs" and "Go with You". The concert reached its climax in the vigorous singing of tenor quartet "I Love You, China" and "My Sun", and ended successfully in the whole audience singing "My Country and Me". Nearly 1,000 teachers and students listened to the concert together and felt elegant art. The prolonged applause represented everyone's praise and affirmation. After entering Dalian Maritime University and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, this performance brought a successful conclusion to the series of activities of Dalian literary and art volunteers entering universities.