The Ministry of Commerce responded that United States listed some Chinese entities on export control list
2023-10-08 11:09

In response to the recent announcement by the US Department of Commerce that some Chinese entities will be included in the "Entity List" of export control on the grounds of Russia-related, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce responded on the 7th that China has noticed the relevant situation and firmly opposes it.


The spokesman stressed that this is a short time when the US side once again listed some Chinese enterprises in the "entity list" of export control on the grounds of so-called Russia-related. The United States generalizes national security, abuses export control measures, and wantonly imposes unilateral sanctions and "long arm jurisdiction" on Chinese enterprises. This is a typical act of economic coercion and unilateral bullying, which China firmly opposes. The United States should immediately correct its wrong practices and stop unreasonably suppressing Chinese enterprises. China will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.