Hao Peng called on Matviyenko, Chairman of Russian Federation Council
2023-10-18 11:00

On October 16th, Hao Peng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, led a friendly economic and trade delegation from Liaoning Province to Russia to start a friendly visit to Russia. On the same day, Hao Peng called on Russian Federation Council Chairman Matviyenko and Vice Chairman Kosachev in Moscow, Russia, and met with Russian Far East and Arctic Development Deputy Minister Bobblakov.


When calling on Matviyenko, Hao Peng said that he was very happy to meet President Matviyenko again after a lapse of three months. At present, Sino-Russian relations are at their best in history. In March this year, President Xi paid a state visit to Russia and signed a joint statement with President Putin, drawing a new blueprint for Sino-Russian cooperation. President Putin will come to China to attend the "the belt and road initiative" International Cooperation Summit Forum and meet with President Xi, which will inject new impetus into the development of the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries in the new era. When President Matviyenko visited China in July this year, he made a special trip to Dalian, Liaoning Province, which further promoted the friendly cooperation and exchanges between Liaoning and Russia and benefited both of us. The friendship between Liaoning and Russia goes back to ancient times, and the friendly cooperation between the two sides is an important part of the friendly cooperation between China and Russia. Liaoning regards opening to the north as the top priority of opening to the outside world, fully promotes the interconnection of civil aviation, railways, ports and other channels, and continuously deepens economic, trade and cultural cooperation. In the first eight months of this year, Liaoning's import and export to Russia grew strongly, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 80%. Liaoning will fully implement the important consensus reached by the heads of state of China and Russia, actively promote cooperation with local Russian cities, comprehensively strengthen economic and trade exchanges, deepen interconnection, and extensively carry out cooperation in industry, science and education, humanities and tourism, so as to make greater contributions to deepening the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Russia in the new era.


Matviyenko welcomed the visit of Liaoning friendly economic and trade delegation and happily reviewed the unforgettable scene when he visited Dalian in July this year. She said that my visit to Dalian, Liaoning Province left me with beautiful memories, and the vitality of Liaoning's economic and social development and the livability of the city were impressive. In recent years, driven by the heads of state of Russia and China, Russia-China partnership has reached the best level in history. Local cooperation plays an important role in Russia-China relations. This theme is the focus of special attention of the Russian Federation Council. We have established high-level cooperative relations with Chinese partners in this field. In recent years, Liaoning Province has actively carried out pragmatic cooperation with Russia in economy, trade, humanities, education and other fields, and achieved gratifying results, which has become a model of local cooperation between Russia and China. According to the agreement reached between the two sides, we have solved the problem of resuming direct flights between Liaoning Province and major transportation centers in Siberia and Far East. The Russian Federation Council will take more practical measures to actively promote friendly exchanges between Russian local governments and Liaoning, and promote the two sides to expand cooperation areas and share development experiences. It is believed that the delegation's current visit will make new contributions to expanding bilateral economic and trade cooperation and contacts in the cultural and cultural fields.


When calling on Kosachev, Hao Peng said that the in-depth cooperation between Liaoning and Russia has ushered in new development opportunities. We will further expand economic and trade exchanges, steadily expand exports and two-way investment to Russia, and expand Liaoning's imports from Russia. Further develop soft and hard connectivity, promote the opening of new sea routes, open up new sea and land passages, and add a new path for the construction of an interconnected logistics system between China and Russia. Further deepen friendly exchanges with Russian local cities, participate in high-quality institutional exchange activities between the two countries, such as the Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee between Northeast China and Russian Far East and Baikal, and keep the exchanges hot. Further deepen cooperation in the humanities field, and promote cooperation in tourism, culture and sports, education and personnel exchanges. It is believed that with the promotion of the Russian Federation Council, the cooperation between Liaoning and Russia will surely reap more fruits.


Kosachev said that economic and trade cooperation is the foundation of local cooperation between China and Russia. We are very pleased to see that the economic and trade cooperation between Liaoning and Russia has maintained a good momentum in recent years, and bilateral trade has grown steadily. A number of key projects of cooperation between the two sides, such as Xudabao Nuclear Power Plant and Belelast Logistics Center, have successfully landed, and a number of enterprises of both sides have established good cooperative relations. It is hoped that both sides will continue to deepen and expand pragmatic cooperation in various fields, actively expand the scope of cooperation between localities, promote exchanges and cooperation between more localities and enterprises, and form more cooperation results. Strengthen exchanges and exchanges between local legislative bodies to provide strong support for deepening cooperation.


During the meeting with Bobblakov, Hao Peng said that Liaoning, as an important window for the construction of "the belt and road initiative" to open to the north, is the forefront of China's opening to the Far East, and has unique advantages in deepening pragmatic cooperation with the Russian Far East. We are willing to work with the Russian Far East and Arctic Development Department to continue to carry out practical cooperation with the Far East in various fields. It is hoped that the two sides will establish a closer communication and coordination mechanism, make every effort to strengthen infrastructure interconnection, accelerate comprehensive economic and trade cooperation, actively promote energy development cooperation, strengthen cooperation in the agricultural field, and extensively carry out people-to-people exchanges, so as to push friendly exchanges between the two sides to a new level.


Bobblakov said that Liaoning enjoys a superior geographical position and is an important partner of the Russian Far East. In recent years, the cooperation between Russia's Far East and Liaoning is very close, with frequent economic and trade exchanges, and good cooperation in think tanks, universities and cultural tourism. It is hoped that the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation in the fields of industrial production, energy utilization, science and technology and humanities, and form more pragmatic results.


On the same day, the delegation also called on the Chinese Embassy in Russia, thanked the Embassy for its support and help to Liaoning in recent years, and put forward suggestions and requests for helping Liaoning further deepen its cooperation with Russia.


Sun Weidong, charg é d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, and Chen Shaowang, mayor of Dalian, attended the relevant activities.