Hao Peng led economic and trade delegation from Liaoning Province to visit Saudi Arabia
2023-10-17 10:24

From October 14 to 15, Hao Peng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, led a friendly economic and trade delegation from Liaoning Province to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The delegation thoroughly implemented the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi at the Symposium on Promoting the Comprehensive Revitalization of Northeast China in the New Era, conscientiously implemented the important consensus reached by the heads of state of China and Saudi Arabia, accelerated the construction of major cooperation projects, and further deepened friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides. The delegation has a tight schedule and pragmatic and efficient activities.


At the headquarters of Saudi Arabian National Oil Company (Saudi Aramco for short), the delegation was warmly received by Saudi Aramco President and CEO A Min Nasser and other board members. The delegation visited the Crude Oil Command Center, Exploration Engineering Center and King Cultural Center successively. Hao Peng held talks with A Min Nasser.


Hao Peng said that Saudi Arabia is an important stop for the Liaoning friendly economic and trade delegation to visit after the epidemic, which is based on the solid cooperation foundation and broad cooperation space between the two sides. In March this year, Huajin Aramco Fine Chemical and Raw Materials Project with an investment of 83.7 billion yuan started smoothly. This is a comprehensive strategic cooperation project between China and Saudi Arabia witnessed and promoted by the heads of state of China and Saudi Arabia, and a major project for pragmatic cooperation among foreign enterprises, central enterprises and local enterprises. The Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the implementation of the project and take effective measures to ensure that the project is accelerated. In less than seven months, the overall progress of the project is rapid. With the cooperation of partners, we are confident to ensure that the project is completed and operated on schedule.


Hao Peng said that at the end of last year, President Xi paid a state visit to Saudi Arabia, and the heads of state of China and Saudi Arabia unanimously agreed to connect the "the belt and road initiative" initiative with Saudi Arabia's "Vision 2030", which created favorable conditions for cooperation between Chinese local governments and Saudi enterprises. Saudi Aramco is the largest oil production company in the world, and Liaoning is building a trillion-dollar petrochemical and fine chemical industry base. There is great potential for cooperation between the two sides. It is hoped that Saudi Aramco and Liaoning will join hands to further promote the construction of Huajin Aramco's fine chemical and raw material engineering project, put better human resources and more advanced construction and operation technology into the project, and build the project into a high-standard and high-quality demonstration project and a model project for China-Saudi Arabia strategic cooperation. Further extend and expand the industrial chain in Liaoning, give full play to the leading role of Huajin Aramco Project in the local area, drive more Saudi Aramco partners to land in Panjin, Dalian and other places, expand the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and achieve maximum benefits. Continue to deepen scientific research cooperation with Liaoning, integrate Saudi Aramco's innovative resources in the fields of digitalization and new energy with Liaoning's solid scientific research foundation, jointly train high-quality professionals, carry out industry-university-research cooperation, promote the transformation of more scientific research achievements in Liaoning, and promote the development of industry to the high end of the value chain. Liaoning will, as always, firmly support Saudi Aramco's development in Liaoning, make every effort to deepen the cooperative partnership between the two sides and promote mutual benefit and win-win results.

A Min Nasser said that China is the most important strategic market of Saudi Aramco, and China's economy will maintain long-term sustainable growth, while Liaoning's economic development is also promising in the future. Based on this consideration, we constantly tilt the investment focus of the enterprise to China. Huajin Aramco Project is the largest investment of Saudi Aramco in China, which is of great significance to the overall strategy of the enterprise. Since the project started, Chinese partners have promoted the efficient and rapid advancement of the project with rigorous work style and superb construction skills, and we are deeply delighted with this. At the same time, through the implementation of this project, Saudi Aramco has also opened an important window for cooperation with Liaoning, and the two sides have established profound friendship. We attach great importance to Liaoning's solid industrial base, abundant resources of science and technology education, good business environment and great potential for future development, and will continue to increase investment in Liaoning, and carry out all-round in-depth cooperation with Liaoning in many aspects such as scientific and technological research and development, personnel training, and supporting upstream and downstream industrial chains. Under the background of Liaoning's full promotion of revitalization and development, we are full of confidence that future cooperation will achieve fruitful results.


In Riyadh, the Saudi capital, the delegation visited the Saudi Ministry of Energy. Hao Peng had efficient and fruitful talks with Saudi Assistant Minister of Energy Mohamed Ibrahim. Hao Peng said that the cooperation between Liaoning and Saudi Arabia is an important part of the friendly cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia. For a long time, Liaoning and Saudi Arabia have always maintained close cooperation in the field of energy. Saudi Arabia is the largest source country of Liaoning's energy products imports. The Huajin Aramco Fine Chemical and Raw Materials Project invested by Saudi Aramco in Liaoning is the largest investment project of Saudi Arabia in China, which has played a good role in driving and demonstrating. The cooperation between the two sides has a solid foundation and great potential in the future. We should continue to consolidate the good momentum of cooperation and exchanges, take advantage of the momentum, and push for new breakthroughs in pragmatic cooperation in more emerging fields. It is hoped that the Saudi Ministry of Energy will strongly support the two sides to further deepen cooperation in the field of energy and chemical industry, and jointly promote the construction of Huajin Aramco Project to ensure the timely production and efficiency. Taking Liaoning as a key cooperation area of petrochemical industry, we plan and promote a number of major strategic cooperation projects at a high level, and promote more Saudi enterprises to invest in Liaoning. Vigorously support the construction of Liaoning enterprises in sand projects and promote mutual benefit and win-win results. Strengthen cooperation in advanced equipment manufacturing, green and low carbon, and constantly inject new impetus and expand new space for us to deepen cooperation. Liaoning will set up a special project class to plan and promote cooperation projects with Saudi Arabia in various fields. It is believed that with the strong support of Saudi Arabia, Liaoning will be at the forefront of friendly cooperation between Chinese local governments and Saudi Arabia.


Mohamed Ibrahim said that Huajin Aramco Project is the most important investment project of Saudi Arabia in China, and Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to the construction of the project. Fortunately, with the strong support of Liaoning governments at all levels, the project is progressing smoothly, and we are deeply grateful for it. Saudi Arabia will continue to increase its support for Huajin Aramco Project and take this opportunity to actively expand all-round cooperation with Liaoning. Liaoning is a big industrial province in China, with a deep foundation of high-end equipment manufacturing. We hope to further enhance Saudi Arabia's refining and chemical integration capability through cooperation in the manufacturing field. Strengthen cooperation in scenery energy storage, tourism and other fields to jointly promote low-carbon environmental protection. Send more international students to Liaoning for further study and integrate into the cooperation between Liaoning and Saudi Arabia. We are looking forward to further deepening cooperation and jointly creating a beautiful vision.


During their stay in Saudi Arabia, the delegation also visited the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia and the Riyadh Branch of Bank of China, and had in-depth exchanges on promoting more exchanges between Liaoning and Saudi Arabia in the fields of science and technology, education, humanities and tourism, and providing more financial support for Liaoning enterprises to "go global", and received positive responses.


Chen Weiqing, Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Zhang Xiaodong, Vice President of Bank of China, Chen Shaowang, Mayor of Dalian, and principal responsible comrades of Panjin attended relevant activities.