Hao Peng led economic and trade delegation from Liaoning Province to call on BMW Group and Siemens Group of Germany
2023-10-14 10:39

On October 13, Hao Peng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, led a friendly economic and trade delegation from Liaoning Province to call on BMW Group and Siemens Group in Munich, Germany, to further consolidate good cooperative relations, plan future cooperation projects and promote mutual benefit and win-win results.


At the headquarters of BMW Group, Hao Peng and his party held talks with senior officials such as Qi Puze, chairman of BMW Group, and Walter Mertel, director of BMW Group. Hao Peng said that on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of BMW Brilliance, it is a great honor to visit the headquarters of BMW Group. BMW Group has been rooted in Liaoning and Shenyang for 20 years, with a total investment of 100 billion yuan in Liaoning and Shenyang. Shenyang has become the largest production base and one of the most important new energy vehicle centers of BMW Group in the world. Since the beginning of this year, BMW Brilliance's 5 millionth new car has been rolled off the production line, and the construction of the sixth generation power battery project has been accelerated. These landmark achievements have continuously written a new chapter in the cooperation between Liaoning and BMW. The two sides have established profound mutual trust and friendship in deepening pragmatic cooperation, and BMW Brilliance has become a successful example of pragmatic cooperation between Chinese local governments and German enterprises. We congratulate and are proud of BMW Group's brilliant achievements in Liaoning, and believe that as long as we firmly promote mutually beneficial cooperation, we will be able to work together to create new and greater glory.


Hao Peng raised three hopes for deepening cooperation between BMW Group and Liaoning in the future. First, further expand the industrial layout in Liaoning. Continue to increase investment in production and research and development in Liaoning, introduce more new products and models, and speed up the production and launch of BMW's new generation models in Shenyang. Second, further strengthen cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles. Make joint efforts with Liaoning to continuously improve the localized production capacity of new energy vehicles in China, and accelerate Liaoning and Shenyang to become world-class R&D, production and sales bases of new energy vehicles. The third is to further improve the localization of the supply chain. Give play to the leading role, drive more supporting partner enterprises of key components such as electronics and electricity to settle in Shenyang, continuously strengthen the supply chain, and achieve multi-win results. Liaoning will, as always, firmly support BMW Brilliance's development and growth, continue to create a market-oriented, legal and international first-class business environment, constantly improve the coordination mechanism, help enterprises solve problems in a timely and efficient manner, and provide high-quality service guarantee for BMW Group's sustained and healthy development in Liaoning.


Zipce said that BMW Group attaches great importance to the Chinese market, and Liaoning and Shenyang are the second hometown of BMW Group. After 20 years of development, BMW Shenyang production base has already possessed world-class leading technology and technical production level, and has become the benchmark factory of BMW Group. The visit of Liaoning delegation fully demonstrates its support and trust for BMW Group's development in Liaoning, and will further promote the development of bilateral partnership. At present, China is vigorously implementing the comprehensive revitalization strategy of Northeast China. Liaoning and Shenyang are the leading regions of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, which will certainly make greater contributions to the comprehensive revitalization strategy of Northeast China and create more new opportunities for foreign investment. BMW Group is a century-old enterprise with long-term vision. Liaoning and Shenyang play a special important role in the future development strategy of BMW Group, and play an irreplaceable role in expanding the market and innovating research and development. We deeply feel the continuous optimization of the business environment in Liaoning and Shenyang, and are full of confidence in continuing to deepen the development in the local area. We will keep our promises to our partners, continue to gather the Group's high-quality resources to Liaoning and Shenyang, realize the mass production of new generation models in Shenyang as soon as possible, increase investment in electrification, intelligence and networking, continuously expand the depth and breadth of cooperation between the two parties, and promote more fruitful results.


The delegation visited the digital and intelligent stamping and body production lines at the headquarters of BMW Group, and got a close look at the advanced production technology and scientific management methods of BMW Group.


At the headquarters of Siemens Group, Hao Peng and his party had in-depth communication with Horst Kaiser, global executive vice president of Siemens Group, and other senior officials. Hao Peng said that Siemens is a household name in China and its brand image is deeply rooted in people's hearts. For a long time, Siemens has always kept up with the trend of technological development, striving to provide users with solutions with new products and technologies, and continuously enhancing the user experience, which is deeply admirable. Siemens has a long history of cooperation with Liaoning. Since the reform and opening up, Siemens has had good cooperation with Shenyang and Dalian in Liaoning. In recent years, Siemens Empowerment Center has settled in Shenfu Demonstration Zone, achieved efficient operation, and signed a number of new cooperation projects, which laid a good foundation for further deepening cooperation between the two sides. Liaoning is a big industrial province in China. At present, we are focusing on building a modern industrial system supported by the real economy, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, building a digital Liaoning, building a strong province with intelligence, actively cultivating strategic emerging industries, accelerating the formation of new productive forces, and promoting the transformation and development of low-carbon life. This provides an important scenario and field for further cooperation between the two sides. It is hoped that Siemens Group will give full play to its advantages, comprehensively strengthen all-round cooperation with Liaoning in various fields, promote more leading and forward-looking projects to land in Liaoning, and create more landmark projects of mutual benefit and win-win. We will fully support Siemens' business in Liaoning, speed up the creation of an "upgraded version" of the business environment, and provide strong support for enterprises to expand their layout. Sincerely welcome Siemens Group friends to visit Liaoning more often, feel the development and changes of Liaoning, explore the development opportunities of Liaoning, and promote more pragmatic cooperation results.


Horst Kaiser introduced the main business development of Siemens Group to the delegation. He said that Siemens Group is in a leading position in the digital field in the world, especially committed to empowering its partners in digital transformation and promoting sustainable economic development. The visit of the Liaoning delegation has given us a deeper understanding of the new achievements and opportunities in Liaoning's economic and social development, and strengthened Siemens' confidence and determination to invest and develop in Liaoning. We are willing to further explore new areas of cooperation on the basis of previous cooperation and provide more support in helping Liaoning's industrial digital transformation. We are looking forward to the in-depth cooperation with Liaoning in the future, and are willing to become a strong partner of Liaoning. I believe that the cooperation between the two sides will surely be by going up one flight of stairs.


Chen Shaowang, Mayor of Dalian, and relevant leaders of Shenyang attended relevant activities.