Hao Peng led economic and trade delegation from Liaoning Province to visit Germany
2023-10-13 13:29

From October 11 to 12, Hao Peng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, led a friendly economic and trade delegation from Liaoning Province to pay a friendly visit to Germany. The delegation thoroughly implemented the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi at the Symposium on Promoting the Comprehensive Revitalization of Northeast China in the New Era, conscientiously implemented the important consensus reached by the leaders of China and Germany, further consolidated the traditional profound friendship between Liaoning Province and Germany, and promoted friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation between the two sides.


In the past two days, the delegation has come to Frankfurt and Munich successively, deepened exchanges and docking with all walks of life in Germany through economic and trade exchanges, industry promotion, meetings and meals, arranged many activities continuously, achieved a series of cooperation results, and signed a number of cooperation projects.


On the 11th, Liaoning-Frankfurt Economic and Trade Roundtable was held in Redbach Town, Hesse. Shenyang City, Dalian City, Anshan City and Provincial Department of Commerce introduced and displayed investment and trade to local political and business representatives. Hao Peng interacted extensively with the delegates, reviewed the history of friendly exchanges between Liaoning and Germany, introduced the new achievements made in Liaoning's current revitalization and development and the new opportunities faced by opening up to the outside world, and invited friends from all over Germany, including Hesse, to visit and invest in Liaoning.


On the 12th, the Liaoning-Germany Economic and Trade Exchange Promotion Conference and the signing ceremony of key projects were held in Munich. More than 90 foreign government and enterprise representatives from BMW Group, SAP Group, Linde Group, Munich Municipal Government, Bornheim City Council and European Science and Technology Chamber of Commerce attended the meeting. Hao Peng delivered a speech at the promotion meeting and met with the participants.


Hao Peng said in his relevant promotion speech that the Liaoning friendly economic and trade delegation visited Germany for the first time since the epidemic, which fully reflected Liaoning's firm determination to open wider to the outside world and attached great importance to deepening cooperation with Germany. When President Xi met with German Chancellor Scholcz last year, the two sides reached important consensus on building a future-oriented all-round strategic partnership and promoting new development of Sino-German and China-EU relations. For a long time, Liaoning and Germany have always maintained a good cooperative relationship.

With the joint efforts of both sides, the economic and trade cooperation between Liaoning and Germany has achieved gratifying results. A number of German enterprises have taken root in Liaoning, continuously developed and expanded, and become models of mutually beneficial cooperation. Liaoning will thoroughly implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of China and Germany, continue to promote pragmatic cooperation with Germany, and make greater contributions to the friendly exchanges between China and Germany.


Hao Peng said that Liaoning is an important industrial province, an open province and a big province of science and education in China, with a solid industrial base, obvious location advantages, a good business environment and a continuous improvement in the level of opening to the outside world. At present, Liaoning is making every effort to implement the three-year action of comprehensive revitalization and new breakthrough. The economic and social development continues to improve, and comprehensive revitalization is facing new major opportunities. German enterprises are welcome to seize the favorable opportunity of Liaoning's revitalization and development and actively deepen pragmatic cooperation with Liaoning in economic and trade fields and people-to-people exchanges. Focusing on promoting the transformation and upgrading of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, the integration of industrialization and informationization, we will actively expand the industrial layout in Liaoning, promote the construction of more landmark high-quality projects, and promote the industry to the middle and high end; Actively participate in the construction of Sino-German industrial parks and jointly promote the park to be internationalized, intelligent and green; Jointly promote green and low-carbon development, continuously expand the development and utilization of new energy, and make greater contributions to the realization of the "double carbon" goal; Give full play to the advantages in basic research, original innovation, high-end R&D and other fields, and help Liaoning to continuously expand new tracks such as sustainable development and digital economy. Liaoning will continue to open to the outside world at a high level and actively create a better environment for German enterprises to operate and develop in Liaoning. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life in Germany to visit Liaoning for sightseeing, investment and development, and work with us to promote revitalization and development and create a better future.


German business people attending the meeting said that Liaoning has many good development conditions, and the construction of market-oriented, rule-of-law and international business environment has achieved remarkable results. The government's governance efficiency and service awareness have been continuously improved. Many German enterprises have achieved success in their business development in Liaoning and achieved good returns, which has played a very good role in demonstrating and driving. Germany's industrial civilization and culture are highly compatible with Liaoning's, and the two sides have a good foundation for cooperation, with great potential for future cooperation. By listening to the recommendation of Liaoning Province and other cities, the confidence of German enterprises in investing in Liaoning has been further enhanced, and they are willing to actively grasp the new opportunities of Northeast revitalization and Liaoning's high-quality development, and further strengthen cooperation with Liaoning in the fields of industry, science and technology, talents and environmental protection to promote win-win development.


At the Liaoning-Germany Economic and Trade Exchange Promotion Conference and the signing ceremony of key projects, Shenyang Sino-German Industrial Park and Renos Company, Dalian High-tech Zone and Siemens Group, Anshan Liaoning Hengye Group and Ered Group signed cooperation agreements on key projects. The atmosphere of on-site docking cooperation was warm, and foreign guests actively communicated with the delegation to seek good opportunities for cooperation.


Hao Peng met with Jens Rigg, Vice President and President of Global Strategy and Business Development of Sulzer Group, and hoped that Sulzer Group would give full play to its advantages, further expand its industrial layout in Liaoning, build a production base in Liaoning, and constantly improve the communication and coordination mechanism to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Hao Peng also had a friendly and in-depth exchange with Stephen Blandall, Vice Chairman and CEO of DeCosmill Group, on promoting DeCosmill to set up its China headquarters in Shenyang and further expanding its investment layout.


During their stay in Germany, the delegation called on the Chinese Consulate General in Frankfurt and Munich. On the 13th, the delegation will also go to the headquarters of BMW Group and Siemens Group to further deepen communication and promote pragmatic cooperation.


Dalian Mayor Chen Shaowang attended relevant activities.