Hu Yuting participated in deliberation of Shahekou District delegation at Second Session of 17th National People's Congress
2023-01-05 15:02

On January 4th, Hu Yuting, deputy secretary of the Municipal People's Congress, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and secretary of the municipal party committee, came to the Shahekou District delegation of the Second Session of the 17th Municipal People's Congress to review the government Work Report, plan report and budget report together with the delegates.

Zhou Qin, Jiang Maosheng, Lin Cunzeng, Yuan Hong, Feng Liang, Sun Qiang, Yi Jiewen and Xu Hong, representatives of the Municipal People's Congress, made speeches successively. Suggestions are put forward around building a commodity trading ecosystem, promoting the upgrading and expansion of commercial consumption, deepening the integration and development of central enterprises and local governments, improving the level of medical treatment capacity, strengthening the local transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promoting legislation in the marine field, vigorously developing private economy, and building a green and low-carbon city. Everyone agrees that the work report of the municipal government summarizes the achievements and seeks truth from facts, analyzes the situation profoundly and thoroughly, puts forward inspiring goals, and deploys tasks accurately, which conforms to the central spirit, the requirements of the provincial party committee and the municipal party committee, and conforms to the reality of Dalian. It is a good report that is realistic, pragmatic, reform and innovative, and feasible. Hu Yuting listened and noted, and interacted with delegates from time to time. The atmosphere was warm.


Hu Yuting expressed full support for the government Work Report. He said that in the past year, Facing the severe and complicated external environment and arduous tasks of reform, development and stability, The whole city is determined to forge ahead and work hard. Efficient overall planning of epidemic prevention and control, economic and social development, overall planning of development and security, the main economic indicators showed a good trend of sustained and steady growth, the growth rate was better than that of the whole country, leading the Northeast, and the first place in the whole province was continuously improved. The society's development expectations for Dalian were significantly improved, and the comparative advantage of striving for advancement was reconstructed. At present, Dalian's revitalization and development is at a critical stage, We must strengthen our confidence, seize opportunities and take advantage of the situation. Take the initiative to decompose and refine the objectives and tasks set by the Fifth Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee, the Economic Work Conference of the CPC Central Committee and the two sessions of the Municipal Party Committee with a strong history, Inventory, project and engineering should be implemented well, extraordinary measures should be taken, and special efforts should be made to win the tough battle of speeding up the "trillion GDP city", and strive to be the "high jump team" and "Liao-Shen Campaign" Depth Charge for revitalizing Northeast China in the new era.


Hu Yuting pointed out that Shahekou District, as the central city where Dalian's business flow, logistics, information flow and talent flow gather, should find a correct position, innovate and do practical work, deepen the collaborative innovation of government, industry, university and research, speed up the construction of a modern industrial system, and show greater responsibility and action in the high-quality and rapid development of the "two pioneering areas" in the new era. We should pay close attention to expanding investment in projects, innovating formats to promote consumption, increasing the vitality of idle assets, and promoting the high-quality development of industries such as finance, logistics, commerce and trade, and cultural tourism. It is necessary to continue to create an excellent business environment, unswervingly implement the "two unwavering", explore the establishment of a guarantee system of exemption from liability, disturbance, application and examination, and create stable development expectations for various market players. We should take "people's livelihood" as the "top priority", continuously improve the supply quality of public services such as education, medical care and culture, implement urban renewal actions in an orderly manner, and continuously improve the efficiency of grassroots governance. We must unswervingly push forward the comprehensive and strict administration of the party, build a team of high-quality cadres who are loyal and clean, and create an entrepreneurial atmosphere in which leaders dare to venture, cadres dare to act and departments dare to initiate.


Hu Yuting pointed out, Opening the Second Session of the Seventeenth National People's Congress is a major event in the political life of the people of the whole city. I hope that delegates will improve their political positions, faithfully perform their duties, unify the full development of democracy with the implementation of the Party's resolutions and propositions, and resolutely shoulder the political responsibilities such as deliberation and election of the congress to ensure the successful completion of the tasks of the congress.