The "Happy Spring Festival" event conveys New Year blessings in many countries
2023-01-27 14:22

On the occasion of the New Year of the Rabbit, "Happy Spring Festival" series of activities were held in Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Mexico, Myanmar, Brazil and other countries. Lion dance performances, folk temple fairs, weaving Chinese knots and other activities rich in Chinese New Year cultural traditions send Chinese New Year greetings to overseas Chinese and local people. In these various "Happy Spring Festival" activities, China and people from other countries spend happy festivals and share Chinese culture.


In Spain, the celebration of "Happy Spring Festival" was jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Spain, the Madrid Municipal Government and the Madrid Autonomous Region Government. In the past month, people can participate in float parades, art exhibitions, folk temple fairs, fireworks displays and other activities to experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture and the joy of the Spring Festival.


Madrid Mayor Almeida said that rabbits represent peace and harmony, and hoped that Madrid citizens could enjoy the "Happy Spring Festival" series of activities in the Year of the Rabbit and further strengthen ties with the Chinese community in Madrid.


On the evening of the 21st, fireworks reflected the night sky in Belgrade, Serbia. Lion dance teams from Shandong, China took to Dagong Street, Mihailo, in the center of Belgrade, and the activity of "Happy Spring Festival-Friendship Caravan on the Silk Road" kicked off in 2023. Colorful activities such as lion dance, martial arts, New Year pictures and paper-cutting, as well as Chinese cuisine such as pulled noodles and dumplings made on the spot, bring Serbia a full "New Year's taste".


The Year of the Rabbit "Happy Spring Festival Carnival" hosted by the Chinese Cultural Center in Copenhagen entered the municipal square and hall in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the city hall, red lanterns and Chinese knots hang high, and people are infected by the lively and festive Chinese New Year and take photos one after another; Outside the city hall, dragon balls lead colorful dragons to shuttle through the historic square. "Chinese Dragon" swims past the statue of fairy tale master Andersen, where fairy tale atmosphere and Chinese elements spark.


Sophia Anderson, Mayor of Copenhagen, sent blessings to overseas Chinese in Denmark. She said that rabbits represent happiness, happiness and peace, and I hope we will continue to help each other and enter the new year with happiness, happiness and peace.


The "Happy Spring Festival" offline experience day was held on the 20th at Ollie Shopping Center in the core area of Budapest, Hungary. A pair of lion dancers danced happily to the sound of drums, and the duet of guzheng and pipa and the Chinese style dance Pipa Language won full applause. Young Chinese volunteers dressed in Chinese clothes teach Hungarian people how to pay New Year's greetings and give New Year gifts to children.


On the evening of the 21st, the cinema of Malta National Creative Arts Center in Valletta, Malta, was crowded, and the local audience happily watched the Wandering Earth, the film of the Chinese Film Festival "Happy Spring Festival".


Yuan Yuan, director of Malta Chinese Cultural Center, said that the "Happy Spring Festival" Chinese Film Festival has become an important brand activity for Maltese people to experience Chinese New Year and Chinese culture. The films shown at this China Film Festival also include "Fire Hero", "Climber", "Galaxy Tutoring Class", The Captain and so on.


On the 20th, the Chinese Embassy in Portugal and the Porto Municipal Government of Portugal held a series of activities of "Happy Spring Festival" in Porto, including dragon dance performance, He Xinchun reception, Spring Festival group meeting and theatrical performances. Zhao Bentang, Chinese Ambassador to Portugal, Manuel Pizarro, Portuguese Minister of Health, and more than 300 representatives of overseas Chinese, Chinese-funded institutions and overseas students in Portugal attended the event.


On the 21st, the "Happy Spring Festival" New Year Concert jointly sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Brazil and the Tourism Bureau of the Federal District of Brasilia was held in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Brazilian Minister of Culture Menezes, representatives from all walks of life in Brazil, diplomatic envoys from many countries in Pakistan, overseas Chinese and more than 400 people gathered to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


The 2nd Chinese New Year Culture Festival in Mexico opened at the National Art Center in Mexico City on the 21st. In the traditional Chinese dragon and lion dance and Tai Chi performance, more than 3,000 local people greeted the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit together. At the scene, "Beautiful China" photo exhibition, calligraphy, Go workshop and other activities were held. The Chinese Embassy in Mexico distributed the Year of the Rabbit Zodiac dolls to the audience, and the local people also learned to say "Happy New Year" to each other in Chinese.


In Myanmar, the Spring Festival Gala was held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Yangon a few days ago. Lion dance, cultural performances, promotion of "Overseas Promotion Season of Ice and Snow Tourism in Northern China" in 2023, Hanfu photo punching, Spring Festival food tasting and other activities make guests feel and experience Chinese Spring Festival culture.