Countdown to closing of three-year action of special rectification of safety production in Dalian
2022-09-26 13:33

Yesterday, the Municipal Safety Committee Office organized a video dispatching conference on the closing work of the three-year action of special rectification of production safety in the whole city, conveying the spirit of the national, provincial and municipal work conferences on production safety, informing the progress of the work of the three-year action in our city, and making arrangements for the closing work.


The meeting pointed out that the closing work of the current three-year operation has entered the countdown stage. All regions and departments should sort out the "one table and four lists" of the three-year action according to the annual special classification, comprehensively sort out the common problems and prominent contradictions found in the rectification process, expose major risks and shortcomings, adhere to the problem orientation, and improve relevant institutional measures. It is necessary to implement inventory, project and engineering management of outstanding problems, major hidden dangers, institutional measures and risks in our city. It is necessary to implement 48 rectification tasks on the topic of enterprise main responsibility in combination with the three-year action, Focusing on the "two fundamentals", closely following the general requirements of "two non-relaxation" and "making sure to achieve overall results", we will implement 13 institutional measures, promote enterprises to continuously strengthen the construction of dual prevention mechanisms for safety risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and management, make overall plans to promote various special rectification work for safety production, and continuously improve the intrinsic safety level of enterprises.


The meeting requested that all regions and departments should further refine and deepen 832 special rectification tasks in combination with the 15 measures of the Safety Committee of the State Council, 50 measures of our province and 66 specific tasks of our city, and promote the implementation of the three-year action to form joint efforts in rectification work. It is necessary to carry out safety production inspections and special safety rectification in hazardous chemicals, transportation, fishing vessels, construction, town gas, fire protection and other industries, and continue to push forward the investigation and rectification of potential safety risks and focus on tackling key problems in three years. It is necessary to accurately analyze and judge the major risks and weak links existing in the region and industry, take effective control measures, resolutely and vigorously promote rectification, realize "zero hidden danger dynamics", fundamentally eliminate hidden dangers, solve problems, and achieve long-term long-term stability.


At the meeting, Ganjingzi District, Zhuanghe City, Changhai County, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Marine Development Bureau and Municipal Fire Rescue Detachment reported on the completion of various special rectification tasks in the consolidation and upgrading stage of the three-year operation, the analysis and judgment of safety risk points in the supervision fields of their own regions and departments, and the main achievements of the three-year operation.