Li Lecheng emphasized during investigation in Changhai County: Give full play to location advantages, strengthen marine economy and promote high-quality development with high-level openness
2022-09-26 13:32

From September 24 to 25, Li Lecheng, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor, came to Changhai County, Dalian to conduct research on thoroughly implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi's important speech during his inspection tour in Liaoning, implementing the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee, giving full play to the location advantages, smoothing the land-sea connection, vigorously developing the marine economy and people's livelihood, and helping the high-quality development of Liaoning coastal economic belt.


Li Lecheng came to Dachangshan Island, Ocean Island, Zhangzi Island and Guanglu Island successively, boarded the dock, entered the airport, visited enterprises, visited homestays, and traveled by boat. The sky was clear and the sea was clear, and the people's livelihood was warm and cold. Winter is just around the corner, what is the renovation effect of old residential areas? How's the heating preparation going? With concerns, Li Lecheng came to Sikuaishi Community in Dachangshandao Town to inspect the progress of renovation of old residential areas in detail. He said that people's livelihood is no small matter, and branches and leaves are always related to feelings. It is necessary to adhere to the people-centered development thought, use feelings with heart, quality-oriented, start from scratch, make good deeds and make good achievements, and truly turn people's livelihood projects into popular projects and warm-hearted projects. Later, Li Lecheng went to Sanpan Roller Boiler Room to inspect the heating preparation in the island area on the spot. He emphasized that heating concerns thousands of households, and governments at all levels and relevant departments should put their work first, store coal early, dispatch frequently, strictly supervise and provide excellent services, calculate the detailed accounts, and secure the safety net to ensure the safety and warmth of the people for the winter.


Marine fishery is the pillar industry in Changhai County, and the construction of modern marine pasture is at the forefront of the whole country. In Dachangshandao Town Zhuangyuanhai Ecological Seedling Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhangzidao Group Co., Ltd., Li Lecheng listened carefully to the introduction of sea cucumber, abalone, scallop and other leading seafood breeding production, affirmed the enterprises' practice of attaching importance to research and development, paying attention to quality and opening up markets, and encouraged enterprises to do innovative articles, extend the industrial chain, improve credibility, and polish the brand brighter and louder. Li Lecheng emphasized that Changhai County has unique location advantages and obvious resource advantages. It is necessary to practice Xi's ecological civilization thought in a down-to-earth manner, protect the marine ecology and develop the marine industry, so as to cultivate the sea ecologically, strengthen the sea by industry, develop the sea by science and technology, and make overall plans for land and sea, so as to provide strong support for Dalian to give full play to its leading role in opening up to the outside world and help the high-quality development of Liaoning coastal economic belt.


Land-island connection is the hope of people's livelihood. At Changhai Airport, Li Lecheng inquired in detail about the construction of major transportation infrastructure projects in Changhai County, It is emphasized that we should adhere to systematic thinking, be good at overall consideration, find out the functional orientation, do a good job in scientific argumentation, speed up the filling of shortcomings in people's livelihood, improve the intermodal capacity of various modes of transportation, effectively improve people's travel conditions, promote the smooth flow of factor resources, and pave the way for island people's happiness and common prosperity.


During the investigation, Li Lecheng made a special trip to Ocean Island, consoled the officers and men stationed on the island, shook hands with the soldiers one by one, asked where they came from and how long they had been stationed on the island, paid tribute to their spirit of taking the island as their home and being proud of their dedication, and told the local government to solve the worries of the officers and men, continue the red blood and share a new chapter of fish and water.


Dalian Mayor Chen Shaowang participated in the investigation.