The 26th Dalian International Auto Show opened
2022-09-25 13:38

Yesterday, the 26th Dalian International Automobile Exhibition in 2022, sponsored by Dalian CCPIT and Dalian International Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Dalian Guoshang Exhibition Co., Ltd., opened in the outdoor square of Dalian Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will last until September 28th, with more than 130 automobile enterprises participating in the exhibition, with an outdoor exhibition scale of 30,000 square meters.


According to the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee, the theme of this auto show is "Boosting Consumer Confidence and Guiding Green Consumption". Combined with the actual consumption in the automobile market, Practice the purpose of "strengthening the integration of production and marketing, promoting automobile consumption, displaying automobile culture and stimulating economic growth", build a high-quality automobile display platform on the basis of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and provide consumers with more favorable car purchase schemes, boosting automobile consumption confidence, stimulating automobile consumption demand and expanding automobile consumption scale.


Under the background that the country continues to issue favorable policies for automobiles, this auto show coincides with the launch of the second phase of automobile vouchers in Dalian. Consumers can purchase cars with multiple advantages and concessions, such as halving the purchase tax (the bicycle price does not exceed 300,000, passenger cars with a displacement of 2.0 L or less), large vouchers (2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan), spike group purchase, and car purchase gift packages. At the same time, the organizing committee jointly launched a series of exclusive discounts for Dalian International Auto Show with automobile manufacturers and dealers. At the scene, activities such as snapping up special cars within a limited time, buying cars with zero down payment, exclusive replacement subsidies for used cars, and extending maintenance appeared one after another.


At the exhibition, the sales person in charge of Dalian Chi'ao Haobo Buick said that the SUV models of Buick brand exhibited this time have great preferential strength. For example, a medium-sized and large SUV model with a price of more than 200,000 yuan has a discount of about 48,000 yuan at present. In addition, the purchase tax is halved and the automobile coupon activities in our city have a comprehensive discount of more than 50,000 yuan. At the same time, for car buyers who need to replace used cars, the manufacturer also provides a replacement subsidy of 8,000 yuan, which adds up to a preferential margin of more than 60,000 yuan.


The relevant person in charge of CCPIT said that due to epidemic situation and other reasons, many exhibitors are facing greater inventory pressure and financial pressure. In order to help enterprise solve problems, CCPIT decided to define this auto show as a public welfare auto show, exempting booth fees and exhibition fees. In order to expand the influence and improve the efficiency of organizing exhibitions, online and offline exhibitions should be integrated, and multiple measures should be taken to reduce exhibitors' exhibition costs and improve exhibition quality.