JD.COM Science and Technology Digital Economy Industrial Park Project settled in Jinshitan
2022-09-25 13:34

On September 23rd, the signing ceremony of cooperation between Jinpu New District Management Committee, Jinshitan National Tourism Resort Management Committee and JD.COM Science and Technology Information Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Jinpu New District.


JD.COM Science and Technology Digital Economy Industrial Park is located in Jinshitan National Tourism Resort, mainly building Jinpu New District Offline Digital Economy Exhibition Center, JD.COM Science and Technology Innovation Center, Jinpu New District Industrial Cluster Center, Digital Economy Incubation Center, Digital Economy Talent Cultivation Center, Cultural Tourism Flagship Store, Cross-border E-commerce OTO Experience Store, etc. At the same time, the two sides jointly planned to hold the city consumption festival to create a never-ending "Jinpu JD.COM Night". With the signing of the project, both parties will work together to build a digital economy industrial cluster in Jinpu New District, cultivate and expand industries with distinctive advantages such as tourism, e-commerce and cross-border, and help Jinpu New District build a smart city and a digital economy demonstration zone. In the future, Jinpu New District will take JD.COM Science and Technology Digital Economy Industrial Park project as the breakthrough point, give full play to the advantages of JD.COM Group in retail, logistics, digitalization and Internet of Things in its supply chain, and continue to expand the scope of cooperation with JD.COM Group. Based in Dalian and based in Northeast Asia, it will carry out all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging in-depth cooperation in the fields of trade circulation, modern logistics, digital economy, cultural tourism, life service and smart city construction.