Dalian has Taken Multiple Measures to Build Strong Intellectual Property City
2022-08-05 18:29

In recent years, the system and mechanism of intellectual property work in our city have been gradually improved, and the ability of intellectual property creation, application, protection, management and service has been continuously enhanced. The business environment of intellectual property in our city has been continuously improved, and related work is in a leading position in Northeast China.


In terms of intellectual property operation, our city has been approved as the first national intellectual property operation center for clean energy industry in Northeast China, 2 provincial intellectual property operation centers, 11 municipal intellectual property operation centers, and 5 backbone intellectual property operation centers with annual operating volume exceeding 10 million yuan, with accumulated operating volume reaching 180 million yuan in three years.

Successfully held the 12th China International Patent Technology and Products Fair, and built the first intellectual property trading center with financial trading qualification including copyright, patent right and trademark right in Northeast China.


In terms of intellectual property financial services, a total of 32 million yuan of risk compensation funds set up in the High-tech Zone and Jinpu New District have been launched; Explore the establishment of intellectual property investment subsidy funds of 20 million yuan, and successfully introduce 13 patent transformation projects invested by Beijing Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, attracting investment of 1.05 billion yuan.


Dalian Intellectual Property Financial Services and Innovation Development Alliance was established in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Bureau, Dalian Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Dalian Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China and other units, with 80 member units in banking, insurance, guarantee, evaluation and service, which helped the intellectual property pledge loan to reach 1.495 billion yuan in 2021, reaching 10 times of the pledge loan amount in 2018.


In terms of patent transformation and industrialization, 58 demonstration pilot units of intellectual property industrialization were identified, with a total output value of 11.822 billion yuan, helping key intellectual property enterprises to go public or be going public for financing. Set up 13 intellectual property alliances in artificial intelligence, rail transit equipment, sea cucumber geographical indications and other industries, and 6 intellectual property innovation and entrepreneurship bases and maker spaces to help enterprises make use of intellectual property innovation and development.


In terms of strengthening intellectual property management, a total of 964 enterprises and institutions in the city have passed the certification of intellectual property management standards. Among them, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences has become the first research institute in China to implement intellectual property standards, and Dalian Jiaotong University has become the first intellectual property in the three northeastern provinces. University; Guide service agencies to host intellectual property business for 1068 small and medium-sized enterprises; The city has cultivated 86 national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and 100 provincial intellectual property enterprises.


In terms of intellectual property law enforcement protection, special actions for intellectual property protection have been continuously carried out. In the past three years, 552 intellectual property judicial cases have been concluded, 310 patent and trademark administrative cases, 46 arbitration cases and 349 people's mediation cases have been settled, maintaining the high-pressure situation of cracking down on intellectual property infringement and further stimulating innovation vitality.


Create a "one-stop" public service platform for intellectual property rights, gather and integrate intellectual property data resources such as patents, trademarks and geographical indications, provide full chain services for intellectual property inquiry, application, protection and management, and improve the inclusiveness and accessibility of intellectual property public services.


During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the city continued to intensify its efforts, taking intellectual property rights as an important fulcrum for the construction of the "two pioneering areas", and issued and compiled the "Dalian Intellectual Property Protection and Application Plan" and "Dalian Intellectual Property Strong City Construction Outline (2022-2035)" (Draft for Comment), making every effort to open up the whole chain of creation, application, protection, management and service