Dalian Public Security Traffic Police Convenience Service Achieved Results
2022-08-05 18:28

In view of the problems reported by the masses that "my ID card is hung with a motor vehicle without knowing it", "my mobile phone number is registered and occupied by other people's vehicles" and "it is difficult for beginners to apply for cancellation of driver's license in different places", the Vehicle Management Brigade of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau launched corresponding convenience measures, which won recognition from the masses.


Implement traffic control 12123 electronic entrustment to crack down on illegal intermediaries


In view of the problem reflected by the masses that "motor vehicles appear in my ID card without knowing it", the vehicle management brigade comprehensively judged and analyzed that the main reason for the problem was that illegal intermediaries illegally hung motor vehicles in other people's names to seek benefits. In order to effectively avoid violations such as fake ID card, fake entrustment and non-self entrustment, since January 1, 2022, the Vehicle Management Brigade has fully implemented the application for traffic control 12123 electronic entrustment business, cutting off potential hidden dangers such as my ignorance and theft of identity information. Up to now, it has accepted more than 120,000 electronic entrustments of traffic control 12123. After 2022, there are zero appeals for "motor vehicles appear in my ID card without knowing it".


Joint investigation, single point notification, unbinding number


Since May this year, the vehicle management brigade has received a large number of feedback information from the masses: the mobile phone number in use has repeatedly received traffic control information and 114 vehicle moving notices, but the motor vehicles involved are not owned by the masses.


In view of the problems reflected by the masses, the vehicle management brigade carried out research and judgment work and found that the reasons were mostly caused by the failure of the vehicle owner to apply to the vehicle management office for changing the number in time after changing the number. On the premise of ensuring the privacy and safety of personal information, the vehicle management brigade actively coordinated and communicated with the science and technology department, established an information verification feedback mechanism, obtained the real contact information of the vehicle owner through technical means, and made a point-to-point notification, urging the vehicle owner to change the contact information at the business window as soon as possible. Up to now, the vehicle management brigade has solved more than 120 problems that people need to change the contact information of vehicles through the information verification feedback mechanism.


The cancellation of beginners in different places can be accepted online and offline


Some people have reported that when applying for beginner's business in other places and applying for "renewal after expiration" after obtaining driver's license, the traffic control system in different places prompts that "Dalian has beginner's business and needs to be cancelled". This situation exists in the business of applying for a driver's license for the first time in our city, but due to reasons such as studying and working, the registration information of the people who fail to cancel their beginner applications in time after moving their places of residence to other cities is always kept in the driver examination system of our city. According to the regulations, in such cases, the parties themselves entrust the original driving school to cancel the beginner business or apply for cancellation at the business window of the driving management brigade with the original ID card. However, due to the loss of contact between the parties and the original driving school, the cancellation of the original driving school, and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, most of the parties cannot handle it normally through the above two methods. For the convenience of the masses, the municipal traffic police detachment opened an online convenience channel, and the masses submitted the relevant application materials for voluntary cancellation of beginner business online, which was received by the vehicle management brigade and transmitted to the driving management brigade for offline acceptance, thus effectively solving the problem that it is difficult for people from different places to apply for cancellation.