Dalian Carried out Tree Selection Work of "Qingfeng Cadres"
2022-08-05 18:28

Recently, the Supervision Committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee jointly issued the "Tree Selection Activity Plan for" Qingfeng Cadres "in Dalian", which will select 60 "Qingfeng Cadres" at the grassroots township (street) and village (community) levels, and encourage the grassroots frontline cadres to take responsibility, be honest and clean, better participate in the modernization of grassroots social governance, and protect the green mountains and green mountains of grassroots political ecology. Tree selection will be carried out from bottom to top. At present, all districts, cities and counties (pilot areas) are comprehensively promoting related work.


According to the relevant person in charge of the Party Style and Political Style Supervision Office of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Discipline inspection and supervision organs, while maintaining the high-pressure situation of upholding discipline and fighting corruption and seriously investigating typical negative cases, The joint organization department selects "Qingfeng cadres" in the whole city, paying attention to positive guidance and demonstration, which is not only an important measure to promote corruption-free, corruption-free and corruption-free, but also an important way to consolidate the achievements of building a clean and honest government and close the relationship between the party and the masses.


In order to do a good job in tree selection, The scheme defines seven tree selection criteria and eight tree selection links. It is emphasized that all-round qualification examination should be carried out for "Qingfeng cadres", and many units such as discipline inspection and supervision, organization and personnel, public security and law department, inspection, audit, letters and visits, women's federations, etc. should carry out joint examination and verification, which should not only examine the candidates' performance during their work, but also verify their performance outside the "eight hours", highlighting the standardization and strictness of "selection".


The evaluation results of selecting "Qingfeng cadres" will be included in the important contents of cadre assessment, as the priority conditions for evaluating the best, promoting and using, commending and rewarding. The organization will pay close attention to, track and train the selected "Qingfeng cadres", focus on experience, and carry out all-round, multi-angle and high-frequency publicity to highlight the demonstration and driving force of "trees".