Dalian Economic Development Zone Ranks First in Evaluation of National Economic Development Zones in Province
2022-08-04 13:50

Recently, the evaluation results of comprehensive development level of economic and technological development zones above provincial level in Liaoning Province in 2021 were announced. Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone ranked first among the 10 national economic and technological development zones in Liaoning Province, and among all five major evaluation indicators, economic development, opening to the outside world and scientific and technological innovation ranked first.


In the first half of this year, the main economic indicators of Dalian Economic Development Zone increased again, with regional GDP increasing by 2.6%, fixed assets investment increasing by 5.99%, foreign trade import and export increasing by 3.83%, general public finance budget revenue increasing by 11.71%, tax revenue increasing by 64.01%, and capital introduced from outside the province increasing by 20.45%.


Since the beginning of this year, Dalian Economic Development Zone has promoted the construction of SK Hynix Intel Nonvolatile Memory Project; SKF Phase III Project, Baide Leather Phase III Project and Linde Bingshan Hydrogenation Station Equipment Manufacturing Project were put into production; Liebherr Wind Power Parts Project, Knohl Commercial Vehicle System Project, Graubo Machine Tool EV Project, Yamazaki Madzak Expansion Project and THK Expansion Project landed. In the first half of the year, 58 projects with a total investment of about 101 billion yuan were signed in Ningbo Science and Technology Town and intelligent permanent magnet motor production; Construction of more than 3.1 billion projects, such as Artificial Intelligence Supercomputing Center and Zhongchuan Culture and Technology Industrial Base, started with a total investment of about 59.8 billion yuan.


At the same time, Dalian Economic Development Zone focuses on industrial upgrading, laying out digital industry projects such as computing power service, cloud computing and 5G + digital factory, accelerating information infrastructure projects such as "Dalian Digital Valley", Dalian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center and Data and Technology Center of DCE, and building a coordinated development system of regional computing power, algorithm, data and cloud application resources. Actively promote the construction of intelligent transportation and logistics projects such as smart parking lots and smart energy infrastructure for special calls. We will fully promote specialized innovation and entrepreneurship service facilities such as Honeycomb 5G Innovation Incubation Center, and build an innovative infrastructure system supporting digital empowerment and industrial upgrading.


In terms of scientific and technological innovation, the Center for Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements (Technology Transfer) was unveiled at Dalian North National Copyright Trading Center, and launched the "Spark Cooperation Plan" for all kinds of science and technology service organizations in the city, so that more scientific and technological resources can be "exposed, gathered and alive". At present, the transformation center has collected more than 2,000 technical achievements and collected nearly 100 technical needs of enterprises; Nine scientific and technological service entities were introduced. The turnover of technology contracts reached 5.2 billion yuan, and 133 contracts were registered.