"Quality Award Cluster" of Dalian has Taken Initial Shape
2022-08-04 13:48

In the process of creating a "National Demonstration City with Strong Quality", our city has given full play to its leading and exemplary role, and a number of outstanding enterprises have become the leaders of "Made in Dalian". According to the 8th Dalian Mayor Quality Awards Conference on August 2nd, at present, 35 enterprises in our city, including the 8 award-winning enterprises in this year, have won the Mayor's Quality Award and Nomination Award, with a total of 41 million yuan of incentive funds distributed, and 18 (sub-) enterprises have won the Governor's Quality Award, initially forming a "quality award cluster", which has stimulated the endogenous power of traditional industries and emerging industries.


In recent years, our city has continuously expanded the selection field and coverage of "excellent enterprises", and made great efforts to lead the industrial development with "quality example". The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau gives full play to the leading role in the work of strengthening the city with high quality, leads the establishment of the Mayor Quality Award, and takes the government Quality Award as an important starting point, forming a multi-functional working system such as awards, quality personnel training, enterprise cultivation, and research and promotion of advanced quality management methods. Since the establishment of the Government Quality Award in our city in 2011, more than 500 enterprises have participated. By setting up the Mayor Quality Award, giving full play to the role of encouragement and demonstration, the vast number of enterprises in the city have continuously improved their quality management level, and a large number of enterprises have been driven. The overall quality concept and quality atmosphere of enterprises are constantly improving, the quality innovation ability is accelerating, and they are constantly transforming and developing in the direction of intelligence, greening and branding. The core competitiveness of enterprises is obviously enhanced, which helps to optimize and adjust the industrial structure of our city.


Dalian COSCO Shipping Kawasaki Shipbuilding Engineering Co., Ltd., which won the Mayor's Quality Award, is a modern large-scale shipbuilding enterprise, mainly focusing on the construction of high-performance ocean-going ships, with an annual shipbuilding capacity of 2.4 million deadweight tons. Xu Weiming, general manager of the company, The company is insisting on scientific and technological innovation, Continue to promote intelligent manufacturing of ships, With the completion and commissioning of 20 automatic and intelligent production lines, such as steel plate comprehensive printing production line and welding robot production line, greatly improve production efficiency, on the basis of shortening the product construction cycle, maintaining the stable and reliable quality of products, keeping the possession and advancement of core technologies at the international first-class level, conforming to the new development trend of green, low-carbon and intelligent shipping industry, promoting the research and development of green ships, continuing to maintain the leading position in the industry, and helping Dalian to build a new highland of high-end marine equipment manufacturing industry.


Ci Yuanxin, general manager of Danai Pump Industry Co., Ltd., who won the nomination of this mayor's quality award, said that the company was founded in 1953. As the birthplace of China's national chemical process pumps and corrosion-resistant pump products, it is still a leading enterprise in China's industry and one of the formulation units of pump standards in China.


In the next step, enterprises will constantly improve and deepen their excellent performance management, Starting from improving the accuracy of product production and the operation efficiency of pumps, we will continue to increase research and development efforts in the development of key pump positions and heavy-load pump positions to solve the problem of "neck sticking", improve the operation reliability of equipment, effectively reduce and control the operation risks of devices, and give full play to the advantages of national brands.


In the next step, our city should focus on important areas and key links, and strive to make the golden signboard of "National Demonstration City with Strong Quality" richer in connotation and more effective. Effectively improve the quality of the supply system, give play to the basic and supporting role of quality in the supply-side structural reform, and comprehensively improve the quality level of industrial products, engineering project construction and other industries; Effectively strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises to improve quality, stimulate the sense of responsibility of market players to actively improve quality, and take the high-quality development road of "developing enterprises with quality and strengthening enterprises with quality"; Effectively promote the construction of urban quality brands, deepen brand building, and form brand strength; Effectively accelerate the pace of upgrading standards, master the right to speak standards, occupy the leading power of the industry, and have the initiative in the market; Practically strengthen the construction of quality supervision capacity, strengthen the construction of modern supervision system, strengthen the whole process supervision, and intensify law enforcement and counterfeiting.


The three enterprises that won the Mayor's Quality Award are Dalian Haosen Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Dalian COSCO Shipping Kawasaki Shipbuilding Engineering Co., Ltd. and Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. The five enterprises that won the nomination award of this Mayor's Quality Award are Dalian Rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., Dalian Metro Group Co., Ltd., Danai Pump Industry Co., Ltd., Dalian North Transformer Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Jinhui Rongzhi Technology Co., Ltd.