Dalian has Built 23Million Square Meters of Green Buildings
2022-06-20 13:36

During the National Energy Conservation Publicity Week in 2022, Dalian Green Building Industry Association actively organized and participated in various activities.


From June 14 to 17, China Building Energy Conservation Association hosted the "Second China Building Energy Conservation Industry Helping Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization Promotion Conference and Publicity Week Series Activities", and Dalian Green Building Industry Association opened a branch venue. From June 13th to 19th, "Green, Low Carbon, Energy Saving First 2022 Liaoning Energy Saving Publicity Week and Low Carbon Day Series Activities" was held, The event is broadcast live online, Dalian Green Building Industry Association, as the co-organizer, The green construction of Dalian Bay Cross-Harbour Tunnel Project was launched on the "Cloud Visit", Four demonstration projects of green, low-carbon and energy-saving technologies, such as the first near-zero energy consumption building in Liaoning Province-Dalian Infectious Disease Hospital Expansion Comprehensive Service Building Project, Solar Energy Combined Supply System-Green Building Solar Energy Technology, Clean Energy Heating Transformation Air Energy Technology-Ecological Changhai County Zhangzidao Demonstration Project, were displayed. As well as the green campus public welfare "Cloud Classroom" activities, a total of 292,000 people watched live in the first two days. During the Energy Saving Week, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau organized relevant personnel such as housing and construction bureaus, construction units, design units, construction units, component enterprises and universities to conduct online public welfare training. According to statistics, over one million hits were received in two days.


In recent years, Dalian has further promoted the development of green buildings and realized the green, low-carbon and circular development of urban construction. The city has built 23,006,300 square meters of green buildings and 6,046,800 square meters of green building identification projects. 100% of the newly-built civil buildings in cities and towns in the city are built according to the green building standards, which has exceeded the 90% assessment index put forward by the provincial government. At present, the national green building materials certification system is divided into six categories and 51 items. According to incomplete statistics, our city has 25 categories of green building materials in the green building materials system, which has a certain scale.