Hongyanhe Nuclear Power is Committed to Building a Green Power Plant
2022-06-20 13:36

Hongyanhe Nuclear Power gives full play to the dual advantages of nuclear power as a zero-carbon energy and stable operation, and actively meets the demand of the power market. In 2021, the on-grid electricity consumption of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power is 37.226 billion kWh, accounting for 84.2% of the total electricity consumption in Dalian, which is equivalent to reducing the consumption of standard coal by 11.26 million tons and reducing carbon dioxide by 30.97 million tons. The comprehensive greenhouse gas emission reduction benefit is equivalent to the absorption of 83,800 hectares of forest.


After the six units are fully put into operation, the annual Internet access can reach 48 billion kWh. Compared with coal-fired power plants of the same scale, it can reduce the consumption of standard coal by 14.52 million tons and reduce carbon dioxide by 39.93 million tons every year, which is equivalent to planting more than 108,000 hectares of forest.


In many years of green practice, Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. has been committed to building a green power plant to help achieve the goal of "double carbon". Actively advocate low-carbon life, and call on everyone to strive to be propagandists, advocates and practitioners of energy conservation and emission reduction.