Dalian Launched a Safety Publicity and Consultation Day
2022-06-17 16:40

June is the 21st national "Safe Production Month", and yesterday was the safety publicity and consultation day of "Safe Production Month". A series of safety publicity activities with distinct themes, various forms and bright spots have been held in various areas of Dalian.


On the same day, the 2022 National "Safety Production Month" Safety Publicity and Consultation Day with the theme of "Obey the Safety Production Law and Be the First Responsible Person" was held in the South Square of Leduhui Shopping Center, which was jointly carried out by the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and Ganjingzi District Government. Consultation area, publicity area, exhibition area, experience area, interactive area and exhibition board area are set up on site, and safety publicity is carried out through emergency fire drills, oaths and signatures of enterprise leaders, equipment display of emergency rescue teams, safety knowledge questions and answers, etc.


"I promise, I practice, be a good person in charge of safety." At the launching ceremony of the consultation day, the heads of more than 200 enterprises from Ganjingzi District held up their right hands and held a solemn swearing-in ceremony. All participants signed the event signature board and recorded solemn safety vows.


Ganjingzi District Fire Rescue Brigade and Leduhui Shopping Center carried out fire safety emergency drills for commercial complexes, which improved the ability of self-help and fire fight and provided a solid guarantee for the safety work of shopping malls.


Zhongshan District, Xigang District, High-tech Zone, Jinpu New District, Lvshunkou District, Pulandian District and other places have carried out safety publicity and consultation days simultaneously.