Bohai Bank Dalian Branch Loaned 100 million to Support Construction of Provincial Anti-Epidemic Facilities
2022-05-09 12:51

Dalian Branch of Bohai Bank has effectively met the capital needs of enterprises, and recently provided a loan of 100 million yuan for the construction of key anti-epidemic facilities in our province.


Not long ago, in order to cope with the epidemic situation and ensure that confirmed patients can seek medical treatment in time, Shenyang Municipal Group Co., Ltd. completed the construction of anti-epidemic facilities such as Shenyang mobile cabin hospital and Shen-Fu mobile cabin hospital within the specified time according to the requirements of government departments. Due to the tight time and heavy tasks, Shenyang Municipal Group Co., Ltd. urgently put forward the capital demand to Yingkou Branch under the jurisdiction of Dalian Branch of Bohai Bank. Yingkou Branch immediately started the green approval channel, and the whole bank responded quickly, overcame many difficulties, cooperated with many parties and actively coordinated. On the premise of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention policies of the two places, the whole process from contract signing to loan issuance was completed within 3 days.