Scientific-Technological Innovation Work in High-Tech Zone Encouraged and Supported by whole city
2022-05-07 16:53

Recently, the High-tech Zone has been listed by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as an area with remarkable achievements in promoting scientific and technological innovation in 2021, and has become the incentive and support object of the whole city. The evaluation results show that the High-tech Zone ranks first in the city in six aspects: substantive industry-university-research alliance, "transplanting with soil" innovation and entrepreneurship team, newly cultivated young eagle enterprises, newly cultivated gazelle unicorn enterprises, registered technology contract turnover in technology market, and planning and attracting major projects in science and technology field.


Statistics show that in 2021, various scientific and technological innovation indicators in the high-tech zone led the city: there were 2 new unicorn enterprises, with a total of 6, accounting for 100% of the city; There are 23 new gazelle enterprises, with a total of 60, accounting for 40% of the city; There are 108 new young eagle enterprises, with a total of 507, accounting for 56% of the city; There were 217 newly identified high-tech enterprises in that year, with a total of 1,068, accounting for 35% of the city; There are 460 new registered small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, with a total of 1,834, accounting for 39% of the city; In that year, 1010 primary schools were put into storage, accounting for 37% of the whole city. At present, 170 R&D platforms at or above the provincial level have been built; In 2021, 1,897 invention patents were granted, up 35% year-on-year, accounting for 46% of the whole city. The turnover of technology contracts was 14.68 billion, accounting for 44% of the city; Among industrial enterprises above designated size, enterprises with R&D activities accounted for 71.2%, ranking first in the city.


In 2021, the High-tech Zone will make every effort to push the level of scientific and technological innovation to a new level, and support the "high and new" high-quality development with high-level scientific and technological supply. In terms of institutional innovation, it ranks among the first batch of 13 pilot high-tech zones of enterprise innovation points system in China and the only one in Northeast China. In terms of platform construction, the advanced light source pre-research project has been successfully launched; Two new provincial-level R&D institutions in the city are from high-tech zones. In terms of intellectual property development, it has passed the acceptance of the National Intellectual Property Pilot Park with excellent grades and is listed as the National Intellectual Property Demonstration and Cultivation Park. In terms of results transformation, nearly 200 technology transfer projects were promoted; Two major projects of achievement transformation have been established in Dalian. In terms of talent services, the "Science and Technology Project" in 2021 attracted 59 talent projects from Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University, IBM and other universities and enterprises; More than 100 high-tech talents from universities in the United States, Germany, Britain and other countries participated in the declaration and roadshow of related projects.